Best Medicine for Anger – Saint Story

Best Medicine for Anger - Saint StoryThere was a woman, who used to get angry easily. Whole family was troubled by this habit of her and because of this, there was always an atmosphere of discord in family.

One day, a saint came to that woman house. Woman welcomed him and then told him about her problem.

She said, “Maharaj! I get angry very easily. I cannot control my anger even if i try. Please suggest me solution for this.”

After listening to her, Saint took out a bottle of medicine from his bag and gave it to her and said, “Whenever you feel like you are angry about something, just put four drops of medicine on your tongue and keep it in mouth for 10 minutes.

Do not open your mouth for 10 minutes, otherwise the medicine will not be effective.”

From that day, woman started using medicine as per Saint’s advice and within ten days she was able to overcome her habit of getting angry easily.

After ten days, when Saint came again to her house, woman fell at his feet and said, “Maharaj! Thanks to your medicine, my anger disappeared. Now, i don’t get angry easily and there is atmosphere of peace in my family. What was in that medicine?”

Saint smiled and said, “There was no medicine, that bottle was filled with water only. Anger can only be treated by remaining silent. Because an angry person speaks without thinking and because of this dispute increases. Therefore only cure for anger is silence.”

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