Best Encouraging Quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Best Encouraging n Friendship Quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson#Encouraging

The Wise man in the Storm prays God not for Safety from Danger but for Deliverance from Fear.

It is One of the Most Beautiful compensations of Life, that No man can Sincerely try to Help another without Helping himself.

Without Ambition one starts Nothing. Without Work one finishes Nothing. The Prize will Not be sent to You. You have to Win it.

Don’t be too Timid and Squeamish about your Actions. All Life is an Experiment. The more Experiments you make the Better.

To know even One life has Breathed Easier because you have Lived. This is to have Succeeded.

God will Not have his Work made manifest by Cowards. Always, always, always, always, always do what you are Afraid to do. Do the thing you Fear and the Death of fear is Certain.

There is Something which you can do Better than Another. Listen to the inward Voice and bravely Obey that. Do the things at which you are Great, Not what you were Never made for.

Each man has his own Vocation, his Talent is his Call. There is One Direction in which all Space is Open to him.

Don’t choose the Better person, Choose the Person who makes a Better you.

Make yourself Necessary to Somebody. Do not make Life hard to Any.

You cannot do a Kindness too soon, for you Never know, how Soon it will be too Late.

The Purpose of Life is Not to be Happy. It is to be Useful, to be Honorable, to be Compassionate, to have it make some Difference that you have Lived and Lived well.

He who has put Forth his Total strength in fit Actions, has the Richest return of Wisdom.

What lies Behind us and what Lies before us are Tiny matters, compared to What Lies Within Us.

For Everything you have Missed, you have Gained Something else and for Everything you Gain, you Lose Something else.

Bad times have a Scientific value. These are Occasions a good Learner would not Miss.



The Only way to have a Friend is to be One.

The Condition which high Friendship demands is Ability to do Without it.

Friendship is for Aid and Comfort through all the relations and passages of life and death.

It is One of the Blessings of Old Friends that you can Afford to be Stupid with them.

The Essence of Friendship is Entireness, a total Magnanimity and Trust.

When Friendships are Real, they are Not Glass threads or Frost work but the Solidest things we can know.

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