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Benjamin Carson Quotes - Inspirational Life Changing n Motivating QuotesBen Carson is an American neurosurgeon and politician. According to him, Motivation to do something Starts Beneath Oneself. Motivation is a Driving force which helps accomplish Goals, Desires, Aims and Visions. Imagination can Trigger one’s Motivation to take an ultra Speed and one will thrive for Success.

We all have Choices in the way we React to the words we Hear. Our Lives and the lives of all those around us will be significantly Improved if we Choose to react Positively rather than Negatively.

One way to develop Courage is to consider what will happen if we fail to Act.

Knowledge is Power – to Overcome the Past, to change our own Situations, to fight new Obstacles, to make better Decisions.

If you Hear how wonderful you are often Enough, you Begin to Believe it, no matter how you try to Resist it.

No Knowledge is ever Wasted.

It does not Matter where we come From or what we Look like. If we Recognize our Abilities, are Willing to Learn and to use what we know in Helping Others, We will always have a place in the world.

People are simply not willing to look at their Problems Honestly and admit that they have Problems.

It Mattered not what Color your Skin was on the outside but rather what the Condition was of your Heart and Mind inside.

Evolution and Creationism both require faith. It’s just a matter of where you choose to place that Faith.

It’s not what you know but the Kind of Job you do, that makes the Difference.

When we are confronted by Failure and Mistakes, we can Leave them behind and go on with our Lives.

It Doesn’t matter if you come from the Inner city. People who Fail in life are people who find lots of Excuses. It’s never too Late for a person to Recognize that they have Potential in themselves.

If we make every attempt to Increase out Knowledge in order to use it for Human good, it will make a Difference in us and in our world.


While wisdom dictates the need - Ben Carson Quote

While Wisdom dictates the need for Education, Education does not necessarily make one Wise.


Happiness doesn't result from - Ben Carson Quote

Happiness doesn’t Result from what we get but from what we Give.

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