What is importance of Satsang – Saint Disciple Story

What is importance of Satsang - Saint Disciple StoryA saint used to teach Bhagavad Geeta to his disciples everyday, all disciples were happy with it but a disciple looked worried.

One day, he went to saint and said, “What is importance of Satsang (spiritual teaching)?”

After listening to this question, saint said, “Bring me basket which is used for carrying coal.”

Disciple did as asked.

Saint said, “Now, use this coal basket to bring water from river.”

Disciple was surprised. He thought, “How can this coal basket will be filled with water?”

But thinking that saint had given this order, so he ran to fill river water in the basket. He filled water in basket and ran toward saint but to no avail, water leaked through basket and water in basket did not last.

After trying many times, he went to saint and said, “Guru ji, it is not possible to bring water in this basket. It is of no use.”

Saint smiled and said, “There is a benefit. Look at the basket. By repeatedly dipping coal basket in water, it’s blackness has become dusty.

You didn’t even noticed that while trying to carry water, basket got cleaner. Just as coal basket has become clean, in same way, when you listen to Satsang again and again, even though you do not understand it now but you definitely will feel the benefit of Satsang in you life.”

When we do work, we definitely get the result, if not today then tomorrow we will get it.

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