Emotional Story – Son’s Gift

Beautiful Emotional Stories - Son Gift to Parents Heart Touching Story to ShareAn old couple used to live alone in their house. One day door bell rang. Old man got up and opened door. He saw that a postman was standing in front of him with an envelope and a postcard.

Old man closed door and looked at envelope. On envelope in bold letter it was written “Old Age Home..”

Just after reading this, with sad voice old man called his wife, “Come here see what a wonderful gift our son has send for us..”

His wife came out asking, “What has he send that you are asking me to come out? What kind of gift is it?” She excitedly asked him, “Am i going to be a grandmother?”

Old man replied, “No.. Orphan..”

Wife was confused but as soon as his wife read first word on envelope she fell on a chair near by.

She said, “We faced so many difficulties to provide him with everything, We gave up on our dreams, our needs so that we can provide him with every thing he needed. So that we can send him to best school.. pay for best college fees.. and yet today..!!”

Just with these thought tears came out of her eyes.

Holding on to that envelope was making them feel like as if someone has rubbed salt on their wounds.

Just a while later, again door bell rang. This time it was their neighbor Shyam. He entered and said, “What happened? Why are you no receiving any call? You son just called and asked me to check if everything is ok..”

“Your son was so worried about you and here both of you are looking sad.. What happened?”, Shyam continued.

Old man pointed toward the envelope kept on table saying, “What do i say.. Shyam? See for yourself..:”

Shyam picked up postcard and started reading it.. On postcard it was written – “In this envelope i am sending you two ticket with an address. Please come soon as we have already final deal to sell that house.”

Both old man and his wife were crying profusely listening to those words. Shyam also got sad while reading that postcard and muttered, “Your son was not like that…!!”

He consoled them saying, “Don’t worry.. My house is like your own house. You can come and live with me.. By the way be both get bored living alone in our own house.. It would be fun to live together..”

While talking Shyam looked into envelope. When he looked inside envelope he found out pictures of a very beautiful villa and while looking at those he stopped at one picture.

This was a picture with name plate with name “Singh Saroj Villa”

Suddenly Shyam started laughing. Listening to him old man said, “Are you laughing at my pathetic condition?”

Shyam replied, “No.. No.. I am just laughing at your son joke.. he has always been naughty..”

Shyam gave him picture of house door with name plate on it and said, “See this..”

When old man saw that he was surprised. Then he saw a note written below that picture of villa he was holding in hand.

In note it was written – “Papa.. Mama, Will you allow your son and daughter-in-law to live with you in your Old Age Home?”

Reading that Tears of Joy came out of Old man Ram Singh and his Wife Saroj.

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