Bear Fishing at River – Greed Short Story

Bear Fishing at River - Greed Short StoryIn a forest, lived a bear who was always looking for more and more to eat. One afternoon, he woke up and saw that weather was clear and bright.

He thought, “What a nice weather. In such nice weather i should go fishing and have a feast.”

Thinking of this, he walked toward river. After reaching there, he thought of catching a big fish. He put his hand in the river with full expectation and a fish was caught in his hand.

He was very happy but when he checked, it was a small fish. He felt disappointed.

He thought, “How will i be able to satiate my hunger with such small fish. If i could caught a big fish to eat then i can feel full.”

Thinking this he threw that small fish back into the river and got ready to fish again. After sometime he again caught a fish but this fish was small too. He threw that fish back into river too.

He caught fish many times but every time he caught a small fish in his hand and would throw back into the river in hope to caught big fish next time.

While doing this, whole day passed and it got late. He still couldn’t caught a single big fish in his hand.

He was so tired that couldn’t search for food anymore and had fell there, empty stomach. Now, he started thinking about small fishes he had caught and threw back into river. In greed of catching a bigger fish, he threw so many small fishes back into river that it could have filled his stomach.

Understand the importance of what you have. Even if it’s small, it’s better than nothing.

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