Be Honest – Old Man Advice.!

Be Honest Moral Story - Never Give in to Temptations Inspirational StoriesOnce an pious old man had to travel with lot of luggage by train. So, he went to ticket counter and asked for train as well as luggage ticket for his travel to another city.

Seeing old man, clerk recognized him. Clerk was an old acquaintance of that old man. Clerk greeted him.

While giving ticket, he gave him train ticket and said, “You don’t have to take luggage ticket and worry about carrying luggage without ticket… I will be on same train and will ensure you that no one ask you for ticket for extra luggage..”

Old man asked him, “Ok.. But how far you would be traveling?”

Clerk told him name of station and said, “Don’t worry even if you have to travel further then i will instruct ticket checker on next train to let you travel without any problem..”

Old man replied, “But how far will that person will accompany me?”

Clerk replied, “He will accompany you to till last station of train..”

Old man replied, “But my journey will not stop there…”

Perplexed Clerk at ticket counter asked, “How far will you be traveling?”

Old man replied, “I have to go beyond all these worldly stations. After death I will go to see God. Who will accompany me there and help me get through there?”

Clerk was speechless..!!

Old man explained, “This train is public property and no one should be allowed to carry extra baggage and travel without paying correct fare..

Today, i may be able to cleverly evade this authorities but i can not fool God..”

Listening to this clerk realized his mistake and apologized to old man and handed him ticket for extra luggage.

Though our Deeds may not be known to Others but God always knows What we have Done ­ Good or Bad.


Thus, we should Overcome the Temptation to do so


thing Incorrect, thinking about what God would think of our deed, regardless of what others think.

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