Be Good to Others!! Short Stories with Life Lesson

Everyone is Mean - Short Stories with Life LessonStory 1: Man Complain – Everyone is Mean!!

A man went to his Guru and said, “Guru ji, my wife children, relatives and people from work, Everyone is mean. What should i do?”

Listening to this, Guru ji smiled and told him a story.

He said, “Once in a village, there was a specials room which had 100 mirrors. A little girl went into that room and started playing.

Looking into mirror she saw 100 children playing with her and was happy to see those reflection playing. When she clapped her hands, all children clapped hands with her. She thought it was the best place in the world as she was happiest there.

She wanted to come there again.

After sometime a sad man came there and enter that room. After entering, he saw sad faces all around him. He raised his hand to push them away, he saw those reflection pushing him back.

He felt that it was the worst place in the world and never wanted to come again and left that place.”

Guru then paused for a while and said, “Similarly, this world is a room with thousands of mirror. Whatever is filled within us, returns to us. Keep your heart and mind as pure as that of a child then this world will be like heaven for you.



Echo in Hills - Short Stories with Life LessonStory 2: Echo in Hills!

Once a small child got angry with his mother and said, “I hate you..” After saying this he ran away from home in fear of being reprimanded.

He went to hills. He was angry and there he started shouting, “I hate you… I hate you…”

Same voice echoed, “I hate you… I hate you…”

Boy heard echo for first time in his life, he got scared and ran to his mother and said, “Mother, there is a bad child in hills, who shouted at me – I hate you”

Mother understood everything and went back to hill with her son and said to her son, “Now, shout out – I love you..”

He did as his mother said. He went to hill and shouted, “I Love you…”

Same voice echoed.

Boy still couldn’t understand what happened. he looked at his mother. Mother explained to his son that it’s echo and how his own voice came back after hitting mountains.

She said, “Whatever you say here will be repeated and come back to you. Similar is life, whatever we receive is reflection of our action.”

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