Be Content in Life – Three Brothers Wishes..!!

Be Content in Life Story - Brothers Stories with Moral Lesson fr Happy LifeOnce upon a time in a village lived three brothers named Sam, Tom and Ben in a small cottage. There were honest and hardworking. They were able to earn just enough money to live a decent life.

Even though they lived a decent life, they were unhappy. They felt that they need something more to live happy life.

One day while they were returning home from forest, they saw an old woman carrying a big sack on her back. When brothers saw her, they approached her and offered to carry her sack all the way to her home.

Old woman smiled and thanked them for offering her help. Brothers took turns in carrying sack and at last after walking a long way, they reached woman’s home.

As brothers were going to take leave from old woman’s home, she said, “I am very thankful to you brothers for your kindness and I want to give something to you as reward. Please ask for anything..”

Brothers were surprised. Old woman told them that she have magical powers and can fulfill any wish they ask for.

Brothers hesitated a bit but then they together said, “We are not happy..”

Old woman said that she will grant one wish each and they can ask for what they think would make them happy.

Brothers thought for a while and them stated their wish.

Sam said, “I want a big mansion with plenty of servants to work for me.”

Tom said, “I want a big farm with good harvest. This way i could be rich and could live without a worry.”

At last, Ben said, “I want a beautiful wife, who would greet me daily, when i return from work. It would light up my day and i will be happy.”

Old woman said, “Go home, each of you will find exactly what you wished for..”

Nevertheless, they thanked old woman and took leave. On returning home, they saw that everything was changed. There was a big mansion and at some distance there was a big farm. Just then a beautiful girl approached Ben.

Brothers were filled with joy at the turn of events and thanked their luck and soon adapted to their new lifestyles.

Days passed and soon a year was over. With time things changed and brothers didn’t find happiness in things they wished for. Tom didn’t liked his mansion anymore. Tom didn’t want to work in fields like before and Ben no longer found any joy in her wife’s company. They were all unhappy again.

One day, brothers meet up and talked about it. They decided to visit old woman and seek her help.

On meeting her brothers said, “Even after getting what we wished for we are still unhappy. Please tell us how we can be happy?”

Old woman smiled and replied, “No happiness can last without one very important thing – Being Content with what you have.. Even if you have all the worldly pleasure and wishes granted but if you are not content or satisfied with what you have then you can never be happy.

Earlier, since you were happy but never really content or satisfied, boredom and misery overcame you and you became sad again. Only if you learn to be content, can you truly enjoy the bliss of happiness.

Brothers realized their mistake. They realized that how lucky they had been to have which they had once wished for. They thanked old lady and went back home.

Now Sam was grateful for being an owner of mansion and started taking good care of it. Tom began to work on his fields and Ben learned to appreciate his wife and her devotion towards him. Thus they lived happily again.

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