Basket of Grapes! King and Farmer Deep Meaning Story

Basket of Grapes! King and Farmer Deep Meaning StoryOnce in a Kingdom, a King had a huge fruit garden in his palace. Various types of fruits were grown there.

A farmer with his family used to take care of that entire fruit garden.

Daily, farmer used to pick fresh fruits from that garden, to bring them to King’s palace for King.

One day, farmer saw that coconut, guava, plums and grapes were ready to eat. Farmer started thinking, “Which fruit should i take to palace for King today?

After thinking for while, he felt that he should bring grapes for King. So he filled the basket with grapes and set out to give it to King.

When farmer reached palace, he saw that King was lost in some thought and also seemed angry. Seeing this, farmer placed the basket of sweet and juicy grapes in front of King and sat at a distance.

Lost in thoughts, King would pick a grape and eat it and then he pull out one and throw it aiming at farmer’s forehead.

When Grape hit farmer head, he said, “God is very merciful.”

This kept going on for sometime, King would eat a grape and aim other at farmer’s forehead and every time grape hit farmer, he would say – God is very merciful.

After sometime, King realized what he was doing and what was farmer’s response.

King felt bad for hitting farmer with grapes and said, “I was hitting you again and again with grapes and yet you were saying that – God is very merciful. Why?”

Farmer replied politely, “Your majesty, Coconut, guava and plum were also ready to be served to you but then i thought why not bring grapes for you today.

I could have bought guava or plum or coconut but i bought grapes.

If i had bought coconut or plum or big guava and kept them in front of you, instead of grapes, then what would be my condition right now?

That’s why i am saying that God is very merciful.”

God makes many of our Troubles very light and Save us, yet we don’t realize the mercy of God on us and when we have to face trouble, instead of thinking Positively, we start blaming God for our Troubles. 

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