Bag of Gold Coins – Two Friends Blinded by Greed!

Bag of Gold Coins - Result of Two Friends Greed!In a village lived two friends Heera and Moti. Since childhood they were doing everything together, be it playing or studying. When they both grew up, they started to get pressurized about finding work to earn money.

So, both of them decided to go to city to look for a job. They took food and water for journey and started to walk toward city.

On their way they passed through a dense forest. After walking for long, they got tired and decided to rest under a tree.

After resting for a while, they decided to continue their journey. After walking some distance, they saw a big bag lying under a tree. They both saw that something was shining.

Feared they both reached for bag. When they opened it, their happiness knew no bound as they had found a bag full of gold coins.

There were so many coins that both of them could easily spend their lives in luxury. They both decided to share money and started to walk back to their village.

It was getting dark and both started to feel hungry. They both decided to stop and have food.

Both sat under a tree. Heera asked Moti to bring water from a near by well. Moti got up and went to fetch water. Heera started preparing food.

While walking toward well, Moti started thinking if he could all those coins then he and his family can live comfortably and happily forever. Greed had entered Moti’s mind. He started thinking of a way to kill his friend. While filling water, he found a sharp weapon near well. He picked up that weapon and hid it under his clothes.

After returning, as soon as he got chance, he attacked Heera from behind. Heera died on spot.

Moti was hungry. So, he opened his lunch box and started eating with great relish. As soon as Moti ate a little, blood started coming out of his mouth and he started screaming in pain.

He realized that when he had gone to fetch water, his friend Heera must had mixed some poisonous wild herbs in his food. Within short time, he also died.

Now, both friends were lying dead and that bag was lying there as it is.

We get so entangled in collecting wealath that we forget even our relations. From this story, we should learn that we should not give more importance to money that necessary.

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