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Awesome Zen Stories - What you Want Most StoriesStory 1: What you want Most..??

Once a young boy came to a monk meditating by a river side.

Young master came to master and said, “Master, i wish to become your disciple..”

Monk questioned, “Why?”

Young man thought for a moment and replied, “Because i want to find God.”

Just then suddenly Master jumped up and grabbed that young man by his neck. Master dragged him into the river and plunged his head under the water.

Young man struggled to free himself, after a minute master finally pulled him out of water. Young man was coughed up with water. After sometime when young man eventually quieted down.

Master questioned him, “Tell me, what you wanted most when you were under water?”

“Air..!”, answered young man.

Master replied, “Very well..!! Go home and come back to me When you want God as much as you wanted Air inside water..







Awesome Zen Stories - Natural Course of Life True Happiness StoryStory 2: Words to Encourage Prosperity..

Once a rich man went to a zen master and requested him to write down something that would encourage prosperity of his family for years to come.

Master took a large paper and wrote, “Father dies, son dies, grandson dies.”

When rich man read that paper he got angry at master and said, “Master i asked you to write something that could bring happiness and prosperity then why would you write and give me something so depressing?”

Master Explained, “If your son dies before you that would bring unbearable grief to your family. Similarly if your grandson dies before your son, it would also bring great sorrow to your family.

But if your family generations after generations disappear in order i described, it would be Natural course of life and That would be True Happiness and Prosperity.”

Rich man now understood what master meant and thanked him for his blessings.

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