Ask God for Once! Draupadi Request to Yudhishthir

Ask God for Once! Draupadi Request to YudhishthirIn Mahabharat, When Pandavas were living in exile. One day, Yudhishthir was sitting in solitude and enjoying nature. During this, he closed his eyes and sat in meditation.

Just then Draupadi also reached there. When Yudhisthir’s meditation was complete, he looked very happy.

Seeing this, Draupadi said, “You have so much faith in God. You do penance, chanting, meditation. Surely you must be connected to God while meditating.”

Yudhisthir replied, “Yes.”

Draupadi said, “Then why don’t you ask God, why so much sorrow come in our life? How long will we face such troubles?

We have been roaming in forest for years. When ever a little happiness comes, more sorrow we have to face. Sometimes we don’t even have drinking water or food to eat.

Please at least for once ask God that why there are so many problems in our life?”

Yudhisthir replied, “Devi, when i meditate, connect with God, i cannot ask for anything. If i ask for anything in return, then this will turn into a deal.

When i meditate, connect with God, i feel very happy. I don’t meditate to ask for anything. I connect with God so that my mind becomes happy.

This happiness becomes my strength. This happiness is our weapon. With this weapon we can fight with this weapon and win.”

Worship should be done selflessly. Such worship brings happiness, increase self-confidence and calms mind and makes us capable to fight our problems.

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