Arrogant Rich Girl Story!!

Rich Girl Poor Boy Story - Heart Touching Short Sad Love StoryOnce  a poor boy fell in love with a rich man daughter. Boy loved her a lot so one day he proposed to her.

Girl rejected him by saying, “Listen, your monthly salary is even less than my daily expenses. How can i live with you? How could you even thought of coming to me and ask me?? I can never ever love you. Forget about me and go find someone of your level to get engaged.”

Even after knowing girl’s thought he still loved her and after getting rejected boy left but couldn’t forget her.

10 years later they stumbled into each other in a shopping mall.

Girl recognized him and said, “Hey!! You.. how are you?? I am married now He is very smart and do you know how much my husband’s salary..!! it’s 20,000$ per month. Can you beat that??

Boy eye’s got wet hearing those words from same person. A few seconds later her husband came around.

Before girl could say a word seeing the guy her husband said, “Sir, you are here! you have met my wife.”

“This is my boss. I am one those working for his 100 million $ project.” husband said looking at his wife.

Husband continued, “He is very good person and do you know my dear, My boss loved a girl but he couldn’t win her heart that’s why he remained unmarried. How lucky would that girl have been, if she married my boss now..!! Now days who would have loved someone so much.”

Girl got totally shocked but couldn’t say a word after that.

Life is too short so don’t be too arrogant and proud of yourself and look down on others current situation. Things change time change. Don’t under estimate anyone because everyone can have a great future.

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13 thoughts on “Arrogant Rich Girl Story!!”

  1. very nice stories may god bless you and hope you will make more stories that touch hearts people like me

  2. the world is circle so who can know that in w/c side we reach in the next morning? upper or lower so alwayes be postive and belive in pure love!

  3. This site has been become my favourite website ..I love reading this true heart touching stories..And I agree with this stories it’s a fact..god bless who made this stories .. 😊

  4. A couple of points about this story:
    1. There is no indication in the story that the Rich Girl knew the Poor Boy before he proposed. Why should she marry someone she doesn’t know?
    2. The Poor Boy would not have become rich if the Rich Girl had not rejected him. It was the rejection which drove him to become rich.
    3. In the intervening ten years, the Rich Girl was happily married while the Poor Boy was, and will continue to be, miserable.
    4. The Rich Girl has a certain quality of life. So choosing to marry someone who can maintain that is sensible. Love alone will not pay the bills.
    5. In the end, the Poor Boy is still alone and the Rich Girl continues to be happily married.


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