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Aristotle Short Quotes on Friendship Fear Habit Education and Leadership#Inspirational

Pleasure in the Job puts Perfection in the Work.

The Energy of the Mind is the Essence of Life.

The Aim of the Wise is not to Secure Pleasure but to Avoid Pain.

What it Lies in our Power to do, It lies in our Power not to do.

We must be neither Cowardly nor Rash but Courageous.

Through Discipline, comes Freedom.

Happiness Depends upon Ourselves.

It is during our Darkest moments that, We must Focus to see the Light.



A Friend to all, Is a Friend to None.

Friendship is Essentially a Partnership.

The Antidote for fifty Enemies is, one Friend.

Piety requires us to Honor Truth above our Friends.

Misfortune shows, those who are Not really Friends.



Wicked men obey from Fear, Good men, from Love.

Fear is Pain arising from the Anticipation of Evil.

Men are Swayed more by Fear than by Reverence.



We are what we Repeatedly do. Excellence then is a Habit.

Quality is not an Act, It is a Habit.

Men acquire particular Quality by constantly Acting in a particular Way.

Good Habits formed at Youth, Make all the Difference.



The Worst form of Inequality is to try to make Unequal things Equal.

Equality consists in the Same treatment of Similar persons.



He who is to be a Good ruler, must have First been Ruled.

He who has Never learned to Obey, cannot be a Good Commander.

Each man Judges well, the Things he Knows.

The Proof that you know Something is that, You are Able to Teach it.

Those that Know, Do. Those that Understand, Teach.



The Roots of Education are Bitter but the Fruit is Sweet.

Education is the Best provision for Old age.

Wit is Educated Insolence.

We cannot Learn without Pain.



All Men by Nature Desire Knowledge.

To Love someone is to Identify with them.

Most people would rather Give than get Affection.

There is No great Genius, without some Touch of Madness.

Nature does Nothing Uselessly.

Liars, when they Speak the Truth are not Believed.

The Secret to Humor is Surprise.

Memory is the Scribe of the Soul.

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