Ant and Pigeon Story – Helping Others

Ant and Pigeon Story - Helping OthersOne hot afternoon, a thirsty ant was wandering in search of water. After searching for long, ant saw a river and started moving toward it.

When ant came close to river, couldn’t find direct way to drink water. So, ant climbed up a rock and while trying to drink water, it lost balance and fell into the river.

As soon as ant fell into river, it started looking for way to save itself. Then from somewhere a leaf fell in front of it and somehow ant was able to climb that leaf.

When ant looked around, she found that leaf was thrown by a pigeon sitting on a tree situated on river bank. Soon ant was able to reach river bank. Ant thanked pigeon for it’s help.

Only few days were passed since this incident.

And one day pigeon got trapped in net laid by a hunter. Pigeon tried to get out of there but didn’t succeed. Hunter picked up net and started going towards his home. Pigeon was helplessly imprisoned inside the net.

Ant saw pigeon trapped in net. Ant immediately reached hunter and started biting hard on its leg. Hunter started writhing in pain. His grip on net became loose and net fell to ground.

Pigeon got opportunity to get out of net and flew away.

If you do Good, good will Come to you. The Favor done to others Never goes in Vain. That’s why one should always Help others selflessly.

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