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Several Authors write Intriguing Short Animal Stories for Kids such as Aesop’s Fables, Panchtantra Stories etc. Here we Bring you selected Animal stories with Moral lesson that Children would Love to Hear.

Clever Rabbit and Lion Story - Best Famous Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Clever Rabbit and Foolish Lion Story

Once upon a time, there was a valley surrounded by mountains. Many animals animals like rabbits, squirrels, deer etc made this lovely valley their home….

Gardener and Foolish Monkeys Story - Bad Leadership Leads to Disaster

Foolish Monkeys Story..!

Long ago, It was time of new year. Everyone in kingdom was getting ready for three day celebration. Everyone in palace were also excited for…

Crane and Crab Story with Moral in English - Story of Trickery n Deception

The Crab and The Crane Story..!

Once upon a time, lived an old crane near a small pond which was full of small fishes. Crane was in habit of picking fishes…

Two Beautiful Parrots Story..

Once a hunter was passing through a jungle and there he found a pair of beautiful parrots. Hunter at once set up a trap and…

Cat Dog Story - Self Help is Best Help Story, Never Leave Work on Others

Cat and Dog Moral Story…!!

One day a cat was walking down the street and suddenly a big and scary dog came in front of it out of nowhere. Cat…

Monkey and Sparrow Story - Foolish Monkeys Panchtantra Stories for Kids

Monkey and Sparrow Story..!!

Once a group of monkeys used to live deep in forest. During one winter, monkeys were feeling cold and needed some fire to lessen cold…

Moral Stories for Kids - Always Keep Good Company

Moral Stories for Kids..

Story 1: Farmer and Stork..!! Once in a field, farmer saw that cranes were destroying his newly sown corn. So he planned to catch those…

Parrot and Snake Story - Handling Difficult Situation with Cleverness Story

Parrot and Snake Story..!!

Once upon a time, a hunter lived near forest and used to go for hunt everyday. One day he went to forest for hunt but…