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Several Authors write Intriguing short animal atories for kids such as Aesop’s Fables, Panchtantra Stories etc. Here are some well known tales about animals filled with wisdom to help shape your children’s moral compass.

Bear Fishing at River - Greed Short Story

Bear Fishing at River – Greed Short Story

In a forest, lived a bear who was always looking for more and more to eat. One afternoon, he woke up and saw that weather was clear and bright. He thought, “What a nice weather. In such nice weather i should go fishing and have a feast.” Thinking of this, he walked toward river. After…

Trees and Lions in Forest - Old Tree Advice

Trees and Lions in Forest – Old Tree Advice

Once there was green forest on the edge of a village. In forest there were two young trees who grew next to each other and were close. Many lions lived in that forest. They would hunt other animals and eat them till they were full and would leave remains of those animals near those trees….

Pigeon's Nest - Moral Story for Kids about Learning Sincerely

Pigeon’s Nest – Story to Teach Kids about Learning Sincerely

Once a couple of pigeons started living on a tree in a forest. After sometime, pigeon laid three eggs on branch of tree. One day, couple went out in search of food, leaving there eggs behind. When pigeons came back, they saw that there eggs were not there. They searched and asked around, they came…

Rabbit Lesson to Naughty Mongoose - Moral Story for Kids

Rabbit Lesson to Naughty Mongoose – Moral Story for Kids

Once in a forest by a river side lived a mongoose who was very naughty and enjoyed irritating other animals who were already hurt. Whenever any animals got hurt, mongoose would go to them and with great affection give them ointment saying that it would comfort them. Injured animals would thank him but as soon…

Fox Sweet Talks to Crow - Dont be Deceived by Flattery Moral Story

Fox Sweet Talks to Crow..!

Once a fox was roaming around in forest looking for food. He looked everywhere but couldn’t find any food. Then, he looked up and saw a crow sitting on a tree, holding a piece of bread in his beak. Seeing that bread, fox started to drool over Just then fox called crow and saying, “Master,…

Hungry Crow Thoughts..! Be Yourself Short Moral Story in English

Hungry Crow Thoughts..! Be Yourself

A crow who had recently learned to fly, flying from one place to another, noticed that humans fed chilies to parrots and feed grains to white dove. Crow was hungry and hoping that someone would give him some food as well, he cawed but nobody took note of him. He thought to himself, “It’s better…

Big Elephant and Little Mouse Story - Be Kind Moral Panchtantra Story

Big Elephant and Little Mouse – Be Kind Panchtantra Story

Long ago, a city turned into ruins and its resident moved to far away towns. So mice decided to stay in that city as there was enough supply of food for mice. Slowly, mice grew in numbers and entire city was turned into city of mice. Far away from city was a very dense forest…

Curious Little Pup - Always Listen to Your Parents Advise

Pup Curiosity and Elephant Friends – Short Stories

Story 1: Curious Little Pup – Listen to Parents Advice A Mother dog and her pups used to live on a farm. On farm, there was a well. Mother would always tell her pups to stay away from well and never to go near or play around it. One day, one of her pup got…

Cunning Lion and Foolish Cow - Panchtantra Story with Moral

Cunning Lion and Foolish Cow Story

Long ago, there was green and fresh pasture, where three cows lived, a white cow, black cow and brown cow. Cows were kind and nice to each other. They used to graze together and sleep together. Till, one day a lion happened to pass that way and saw them. He was looking for prey. On…

Four Friends and Hunter Story - Friends Help in Difficult Times

Four Friends and Hunter Story

Long ago, there lived three friends deer, crow and mouse lived in a jungle. They used to stay together, share meals together. One day, a turtle came to them and said, “I am all alone. Can i also join your company and become your friends?” Crow said, “Yes, you are welcome.” Soon, they became good…

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