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Several Authors write Intriguing short animal atories for kids such as Aesop’s Fables, Panchtantra Stories etc. Here are some well known tales about animals filled with wisdom to help shape your children’s moral compass.

Lion Offer to Cat - Bitter Truth of Today's World

Lion Offer to Cat – Bitter Truth of Today’s World

Long time ago, lived a lion in a cave. All animals of forest were afraid of lion. One day, a mouse entered lion’s cave, thinking that no animal would come near lion’s cave, mouse found it to be most appropriate place to stay safe. Mouse dug a burrow in lion’s cave and started living there….

Cat Offer to Dog - Story about Dependency

Cat Offer to Dog – Story about Dependency

One day, a cat was going somewhere and suddenly a huge and terrible dog appeared in front of it. Cat got scared seeing the dog and sensing danger, she started running away from dog but in agility cat was less than dog. In a short while dog caught it. Death was in front of cat….

Dispute Between Monkey and Lion Story

Dispute Between Monkey and Lion Story

Once upon a time, there was dispute between lion and monkey and topic of debate was – Intelligence is Superior to Strength. According to lion, strength was superior but monkey said that intelligence was superior. Both had their own arguments and were trying to prove themselves right. Monkey said, “Intelligence is best. With intelligence you…

Arrogant Elephant and Ant Revenge Story

Arrogant Elephant and Ant Revenge Story

An elephant lived in a forest who was very proud of his strength. He would destroy nest of birds or uproot the entire tree. Sometimes he used to pick monkeys and thrash them and sometimes would trample rabbits under his feet. All animals were upset with him but could not do anything in front of…

Lion and Mouse - Short Story for Kids

Lion and Mouse – Short Story for Kids

Once, a lion was sleeping comfortably under the shade of a tree after eating and drinking. After a while, from somewhere a naughty mouse reached there and started playing around. While playing mouse climbed on top of the lion, ran on lion’s back, climbed on lion’s head. He was having a lot of fun. Lion’s…

Who is Superior - Elephant and Monkey Story

Who is Superior? Elephant and Monkey Story

Once in a forest, lived an elephant and a monkey who were too proud of their own qualities and both considered themselves superior to other. They would often quarrel about it. An owl used to see them and was fed of their such fights. So one day, owl said to them, “I have been watching…

The Pig n Sheep Story! Comparing Situations

The Pig and Sheep Story! Comparing Situations

One day, shepherd found a fat pig in the meadow where his sheep were grazing. Shepherd silently followed that pig and caught it. As soon as shepherd caught pig, it started screaming, squealing loudly and tried to free himself from shepherd’s grip but in-spite of all the struggle, pig couldn’t escape. In end, shepherd tied…

Lion Response to Pig's Provocation!

Pig’s Provocation! Way to Deal with Wicked Person

Once lived a lion in a forest who was young, strong and owner of beautiful body. There was no one in forest equal in strength to him. All animals in forest respected him. One day, weather was hot. Lion went out in search of prey, he became troubled by heat. Cool air was blowing near…

Bear Fishing at River - Greed Short Story

Bear Fishing at River – Greed Short Story

In a forest, lived a bear who was always looking for more and more to eat. One afternoon, he woke up and saw that weather was clear and bright. He thought, “What a nice weather. In such nice weather i should go fishing and have a feast.” Thinking of this, he walked toward river. After…

Trees and Lions in Forest - Old Tree Advice

Trees and Lions in Forest – Old Tree Advice

Once there was green forest on the edge of a village. In forest there were two young trees who grew next to each other and were close. Many lions lived in that forest. They would hunt other animals and eat them till they were full and would leave remains of those animals near those trees….

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