Alexander and Greek Mystic Diogenes Story – Last Three Wishes

Alexander and Greek Mystic Diogenes Story about Life DesiresAlexander meet two great mystics. One of them was Diogenes, a Greek mystic who lived in utter ecstasy, always in celebration.

Once Alexander had gone to see him and said to him, “You are the first man i am feeling jealous of.”

Diogenes replied, “This is strange because you are one of the Greatest Kings, you have everything. You have conquered most of world, soon you will be greatest conqueror ever.

I have nothing. I am just a beggar, i have no possessions. How you can be jealous of me?”

Alexander said, “Still i feel jealous of you. I may have whole Kingdom for world but i don’t see any Joy in my life. My life feels barren, Empty like a desert.

I can see your Heart is in a dance, your each breath is a song. If next time, God is kind enough to give me another opportunity, then i would like to be born as Diogenes, not Alexander.”

Diogenes replied, “Then why wait for next time? You can be Diogenes this very moment.”

Alexander was surprised as this reply and said, “Right now? It is not possible, it is not practical. I am on conquest to win world. First i have to finish that, then only can i think of it.”

Diogenes replied, “Remember my words: you will not be able to finish it. You will be finished before it. Nobody ever finishes life’s work.

Life is too short and our ambitions are so big, so many. Each desire goes on begetting new desires. Our desires are infinite, it’s impossible to fulfill them. So don’t think that you will be able to fulfill your desires and then you can become Diogenes.

One becomes a Diogenes as a Jump, It’s a Quantum Leap.”

Thanking him, Alexander went to his conquest and after trying to conquer India, Alexander decided to return to Greece. But on his way back home, he died. Diogenes prophecy was fulfilled.

It is said that, He was just twenty four hours journey away from his home but got so ill that no physician could help him or cure his disease.

At that time he said to his physicians, “I am ready to give whatsoever you want but please save me for at least twenty four hour. I promised my mother that i would come back to her. Therefore please save me, I want to meet my mother before i die.”

Physicians said, “A man who is mortal should not give promises because tomorrow is never certain.”

He died. His last wish was that, “My hands should be left hanging out of coffin because i want everybody to know that i am dying empty handed.”

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