Akbar Birbal Stories – Punishment..!!

Akbar Birbal Stories in English - Innocent Punishment Wise Thinking StoryOnce day, when royal courtroom was buzzing with conversations, awaiting Akbar’s arrival. Soon Akbar arrived but he was not in his usual present mood.

One of his advisor asked, “What is problem your majesty? Is something bothering you?”

Akbar said, “Today, someone dared to pull my mustache.. What punishment do you think this person should be given?”

Listening to this one of his Advisor suggested, “My Lord, fiercest punishment should be given to the rogue who dared to pull on Emperor’s mustache..”

Another cried, “He should be hung in public..”

“His head should be cut off..”, said another.

Emperor listened to all of them. At last he asked Birbal for his opinion..

Birbal calmly replied, “Your Majesty.. I do not agree with any of these punishments..”

Akbar was surprised and asked, “Then what do you suggest should be done?”

“I think that person who dared to pull on your mustache should be given a box of sweets..”, said Birbal.

Everyone was surprised at his answer and protested.

Akbar asked, “But why would you suggest such a thing?”

“‘Your Majesty, the only one who would dare to pull on your mustache is none other than your son the Prince. He often sits upon your lap, and today he must have pulled your mustache playfully. Such an innocent culprit should only be given an innocent punishment. I suggest you give the young Prince a box of sweets.”, replied Birbal.

Birbal’s witty retort make Akbar smile and said, “You are right..”

Birbal smiled softly as the other advisors looked away in shame for suggesting such harsh punishments without first considering the facts of the situation.

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