Age Written on Stones – Deep Meaning Story for Spiritual Growth

Age Written on Stones - Deep Meaning Story for Spiritual GrowthOnce a man went to a village.  After entering village, On his way, he saw a cremation ground. There he saw stones with people name and age written on them.

When he read them, he found that age of people who died was written on stones in the cremation ground as 5 years, 8, years, 10 years and 20 years. There no age written more than 20 years.

Seeing this, man thought that everyone dies early at young age in this village.

Man continued on his way. In village, villagers welcomed him and treated him very well. Man had to come to village for work and stay for some days but yet he decided to leave early.

When he told villagers that he would be leaving next morning. Villagers asked if there was any reason because of which he was thinking of leaving early.

Man said, “I cannot live longer than this in village because in this village people die at young age.”

Villagers were surprised to hear this and asked, “What made you think this?”

Man told them about stones in cremation ground.

Hearing this, villagers laughed and said, “Look, among us there is someone who is 60years, 70 years and even 90 years old.”

Man asked, “Then what is meaning of age of deceased written on stones of cremation ground?”

Villager explained, “It is custom in our village that after working for whole day, for rest of day we sing hymns in praise of God, Chant God name.

After having dinner at night, before we go to sleep, person writes in diary – How much time did he devote to Remembering God name, Singing hymns.

And when someone dies, we check the diary of deceased person and add the time, he spent singing hymns, Chanting God name. We sum up that time and those years are written on person’s stone.

Because times invested in Chanting God’s name is the only time, man has spent doing what he was born to do, rest of man’s life was wasted in world’s affair.”

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