Brother’s Love..!!

A Brother's Love Short Stories - Heart Touching Stories Brother Sister LoveIn hospital, there was little girl who was suffering from a very rare and serious disease. She had little brother who was just 5 years old.

Her brother himself was suffering from same disease and miraculously he survived and had developed antibodies to combat that illness.

Doctors found that girls only chance of recovery is blood transfusion from her 5 years old brother.

Doctors knew it will be a long process and boy had to go through medical process for transfusion so they decided to ask him first and make him comfortable before going ahead with transfusion.

So a doctor went to little kid and asked him, “If you give your blood to your sister then she will be healthy again. Are you willing to give your blood to your sister??”

Kid hesitated for a while and then said, “Yes, I will do it. If it will save her..”

After the transfusion process started, boy was lying next to her sister’s bed smiling. slowly his smile faded and he looked up to doctor and asked in trembling voice, “Will i die right away??”

Boy misunderstood doctors when they asked him about giving blood to his sister.

Doctor looked at innocent boy and thought to himself, “Boy thought that he had to give all the blood to her sister and after that he will die and yet he agreed to give blood to her and gave up his life for her.”

Doctor went to boy and cleared what he had misunderstood.

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