40 Short Quotes on Life by Leonardo Da Vinci

40 Short Quotes on Life by Leonardo Da Vinci Famous Renaissance PainterLeonardo da Vinci was a Painter, Architect, Sculptor, Military engineer. He was a Famous artist and Curious mind with an Insatiable desire for Knowledge who became a Symbol of the Renaissance.


Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.

Study without Desire spoils the Memory and It Retains nothing that it Takes in.

Nothing can be Loved or Hated unless it is First Understood.

As a Well spent day brings Happy sleep, so Life well used Brings Happy death.

Learning is the only thing the Mind never Exhausts, never Fears and never Regrets.

The Knowledge of All things is Possible.

As you Cannot do What you Want, Want what you Can do.

It is Easier to Resist at the Beginning than at the End.

Life without Love, is No Life at all.

All our Knowledge has its Origin in our Perceptions.

He who thinks Little, Errs much.

He who truly knows, has No Occasion to Shout.

Wisdom is the Daughter of Experience.

Obstacles cannot Crush me, Every obstacle yields to Stern Resolve.

Every action Needs to be prompted by a Motive.

Tears come from the Heart and Not from the Brain.

The Noblest Pleasure is the Joy of Understanding.

Poor is the Pupil who does not Surpass his Master.

One can have No Smaller or greater mastery than Mastery of Oneself.

Beyond a Doubt truth bears the Same relation to Falsehood as Light to Darkness.

Realize that Everything connects to Everything else.

Make your Work to be in Keeping with your Purpose.

Once you have Tasted the Taste of Sky, You will forever Look up.

Experience is a Truer guide than the Words of Others.

The Greatest Deception men Suffer is from their Own Opinions.

Time stays Long enough for anyone who will Use it.

Nature never Breaks her own Laws.

Nothing strengthens Authority so much as Silence.

The Deeper the Feeling, the Greater the Pain.

Intellectual Passion drives out Sensuality.

He who Possesses Most must be most Afraid of Loss.

He who does not oppose Evil.. Commands it to be Done.

The Mind that engages in Subjects of too great Variety becomes Confused and Weakened.

The Supreme misfortune is when Theory outstrips Performance.

Common sense is that which Judges the things given to it by Other senses.

People react to Fear, not Love.

Necessity is the Mistress and Guide of Nature.

Truth was the only Daughter of Time.

Just as Courage imperils Life, Fear Protects it.

Where there is Shouting, There is No true Knowledge.

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