40 Short Quotes about Life by Oscar Wilde

40 Short Quotes about Life by Oscar WildeOscar Wilde was an Irish Poet and Playwright Best known for work such as The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest. Many of Wilde’s plays were Satirical Comedies.

There is No Sin except Stupidity.

Be Yourself, Everyone else is already Taken.

To Live is the Rarest thing in the World. Most people Exist, that is All.

To Love oneself is the Beginning of a Lifelong Romance.

If you want to Tell people the Truth, Make them Laugh, Otherwise they will Kill you.

A Cynic is a man who knows the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing.

It is Absurd to Divide people into Good and Bad. People are either Charming or Tedious.

Always Forgive your Enemies, Nothing Annoys them so much.

Life is far too Important a thing Ever to talk Seriously about.

To Define, is to Limit.

Morality is simply the Attitude we adopt towards People we personally Dislike.

The Truth is rarely Pure and Never simple.

Quotation is a Serviceable substitute for Wit.

Anyone who Lives within their means Suffers from a Lack of Imagination.

A thing is Not necessarily True because a Man Dies for it.

Experience is merely the Name, Men gave to their Mistakes.

We are Each our own Devil and We make this world our Hell.

Nowadays people know the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing.

Behind every Exquisite thing that Existed, There was something Tragic.

A Man who Does not think for Himself, Does not think at All.

We Live in an Age when Unnecessary things are our only Necessities.

Everything in Moderation, including Moderation.

We are all in the Gutter but some of us are Looking at the Stars.

No man is Rich enough to Buy back his Past.

Success is a Science, If you have the Conditions, you get the Result.

Whenever a man does a thoroughly Stupid thing, It is always from the Noblest motives.

Consistency is the Last refuge of the Unimaginative.

Life is never Fair and perhaps it is a Good thing for most of us that, It is Not.

Everybody who is incapable of Learning has taken to Teaching.

Questions are never Indiscreet, Answers sometimes are.

A Gentleman is one who Never hurts Anyone’s feelings Unintentionally.

Pessimist: One who, when he has the Choice of two Evils, Chooses Both.

The only way to get Rid of Temptation, is to Yield to it.

The one Charm about the Past is that, It is the Past.

The Old believe Everything, the Middle-aged suspect Everything, the Young know Everything.

A little Sincerity is a Dangerous thing and a Great deal of it is absolutely Fatal.


Every Saint has a Past - Motivational Quotes by Oscar Wilde

Every Saint has a Past and Every Sinner has a Future.


Experience is One thing - Oscar Wilde Quotes

Experience is One thing, you can’t get for Nothing.


Some cause Happiness Wherever - Oscar Wilde Quotes

Some cause Happiness Wherever they go, Others Whenever they go.


Society often Forgives - Oscar Wilde Quotes

Society often Forgives the Criminal, It never Forgives the Dreamer.

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