38 Short Motivational Quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson

38 Short Motivational Life Quotes by Ralph Waldo EmersonIt is Not the Length of Life but the Depth.

Trust thyself: Every Heart vibrates to that Iron string.

Life is a Journey, not a Destination.

Nothing Great was ever Achieved without Enthusiasm.

A Hero is no Braver than an Ordinary man but he is Brave five minutes Longer.

To be Great, is to be Misunderstood.

Nothing is at last Sacred but the Integrity of your own Mind.

Big Jobs usually go to the Men who prove their Ability to Outgrow small ones.

Life is a Succession of Lessons which must be Lived to be Understood.

The Ancestor of Every Action is a Thought.

Enthusiasm is the Mother of Effort and without it Nothing great was ever Achieved.

Little minds have Little worries, Big minds have No time for Worries.

We are always getting Ready to Live but never Living.

Knowledge is the Antidote to Fear.

The Real and Lasting victories are those of Peace and Not of War.

No Great man ever Complains of Want of Opportunity.

The Sum of Wisdom is, that Time is Never lost that is Devoted to Work.

Without a Rich heart, Wealth is an Ugly beggar.

Imagination is a very High sort of Seeing.

Belief consists in Accepting the Affirmations of the Soul. Unbelief, in Denying them.

Wise men put their Trust in Ideas and Not in Circumstances.

Speak the Truth and all Nature and all Spirits help you with Unexpected Furtherance.

The first Wealth is Health.

Our Strength Grows out of our Weakness.

Adopt the Pace of Nature: her Secret is Patience.

Every Artist was first an Amateur.

An Ounce of Action is worth a Ton of Theory.

The Reward of a thing well done is, to have Done it.

For Every minute you are Angry, You lose sixty seconds of Happiness.

Fear always Springs from Ignorance.

You are constantly invited to be What you are.

People only See, what they are Prepared to See.

Imagination is Not the Talent of some men but the Health of Every man.

Laugh as much as you Breathe and Love as long as you Live.

The Characteristic of a Genuine heroism is its Persistency.

Self-command is the Main Elegance.

Do not Believe that possibly you can Escape the Reward of your Action.

Each of us Sees in Others, What we Carry in our Own Hearts.

Motivational Quotes: Believe in Yourself Quotes by Ralph Waldo

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