37 Short Quotes by Confucius

37 Short Quotes by Confucius - Chinese Philosophy QuotesThe Man who says He can and the Man who says He can not – Are both Correct.

We have two Lives and the Second begins when we Realize we only have One.

One Joy dispels a Hundred Cares.

They must often Change who would Remain constant in Happiness and Wisdom.

Don’t Complain about the Snow on your neighbor’s roof when your own Doorstep is Unclean.

Roads were made for Journeys not Destinations.

To be Wronged is Nothing, Unless you continue to Remember it.

I Hear and I Forget. I See and I Remember. I Do and I Understand.

Never contract Friendship with a man that is Not Better than thyself.

Those who Know the Truth are not Equal to those who Love it.

Only the Wisest and Stupidest of men Never change.

Study the Past if you would Define the Future.

Education breeds Confidence. Confidence breeds Hope. Hope breeds Peace.

To know what you Know and what you do not Know, that is True knowledge.

To go Beyond is as Wrong as to fall Short.

Virtue is not Left to stand Alone. He who Practices it will have Neighbors.

Without feelings of Respect, What is there to Distinguish men from Beasts?

It is more Shameful to Distrust our Friends than to be Deceived by them.

Life is really Simple but We insist on making it Complicated.

Silence is a True friend who never Betrays.

The Strength of a Nation derives from the Integrity of the home.

Never give a Sword to a man who can’t Dance.

He that would Perfect his work must first Sharpen his Tools.

It is Not possible for one to Teach others who Cannot teach his own Family.

The Cautious seldom Err.

A man who does not Plan long ahead will find Trouble right at his Door.

Humility is the Solid foundation of all the Virtues.

A Fool despises good Counsel but a Wise man takes it to Heart.

Do not use a Cannon to kill a Mosquito.

Music produces a kind of Pleasure which Human nature cannot do Without.

Behave toward Everyone as if Receiving a great Guest.

The firm, the Enduring, the Simple and the Modest are near to Virtue.

Sincerity and Truth are the Basis of every Virtue.

Review the old and Deducing the new makes a Teacher.

He who searches for Evil, must first Look at his own Reflection.

Writing cannot Express all Words, Words cannot Encompass all Ideas.

Attack the Evil that is within Yourself, rather than Attacking the Evil that is in others.

Motivational Quotes: Words of Wisdom by Confucius

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