35 Rumi Quotes on Life

35 Rumi Quotes on Life - Inspiring Quotes on Different Aspects of LifeRumi was an Enigmatic Persian poet during the 13th Century. He was also a Mystic and considered the most Celebrated Sufi teacher of all Time.


Each Moment contains a Hundred Messages from God.

Wear Gratitude like a Cloak and it will Feed every corner of your Life.

Gratitude is the Wine for the Soul. Go on. Get Drunk.

Greed makes man Blind and Foolish and makes him an Easy prey for Death.

Prayer clears the Mist and brings back Peace to the Soul.

Be with those, who Help your Being.

Your Depression is Connected to your Insolence and Refusal to Praise.

The World is a Mountain, in which your Words are Echoed back to You.

When you Lose all Sense of Self, the Bonds of a Thousand chains will Vanish.

There is a Voice that doesn’t use Words, Listen.

Whatever Purifies you is the Right path, I will not Try to Define it.

Raise your Words, not Voice. It is Rain that grows Flowers, not Thunder.

Halfheartedness doesn’t Reach into Majesty.

Patience with Small details makes Perfect a large Work, like the Universe.

Be like a Tree and Let the Dead leaves Drop.

Love is the Bridge between You and Everything.

Caught by our Own Thoughts, We Worry about Everything.

The Art of knowing is Knowing what to Ignore.

Life is a Balance between Holding on and Letting go.

The Quieter you Become, the More you are Able to Hear.

Everything in the Universe is a Pitcher Brimming with Wisdom and Beauty.

People want you to be Happy, Don’t keep Serving them your Pain.

Yesterday I was Clever, so I wanted to Change the World. Today I am Wise, so I am Changing Myself.

There is a Candle in your Heart, Ready to be Kindled. There is a Void in your Soul, Ready to be Filled.

It’s your Road and yours Alone. Others may Walk it with you but No one can Walk it for You.

With every Breath, I Plant the Seeds of Devotion, I am a Farmer of the Heart.

Whether one moves Slowly or with Speed, the One who is a Seeker will be a Finder.

Anyone who Genuinely and Consistently with both Hands looks for Something, will Find it.

Two there are who are Never Satisfied – the Lover of the World and the Lover of Knowledge.

Start a Huge, Foolish project, like Noah… It makes absolutely No difference What people Think of You.

When we Practice loving Kindness and Compassion we are the First ones to Profit.

The illuminated life can happen Now, in the Moments Left. Die to your Ego and become a True human being.

If you want Money more than Anything, You will be Bought and Sold your Whole Life.

Words are a Pretext. It is the Inner bond that Draws one Person to Another, Not words.

What Hurts the Soul? To Live without Tasting the Water of its Own Essence.

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