33 Best Short Motivational Quotes by Confucius

33 Best Short Motivational Quotes by Confucius Chinese PhilosopherConfucius was one of China’s most famous Philosopher, Teacher and Political theorist and He believed every individual could Benefit from Self-cultivation. Driven by his Passion, His Intention was to Awaken the people and he tirelessly Tried to do it Until the day he died.


The Journey with a 1000 miles Begins with one Step.

Your Life is, What your Thoughts make it.

Choose a Job you Love and you will Never have to Work a day in your Life.

All people are the Same, only their Habits Differ.

Act with Kindness but do not Expect Gratitude.

If you are the Smartest person in the Room then you are in the Wrong room.

Worry not that No one knows you, Seek to be Worth Knowing.

The Man who moves a Mountain, Begins by Carrying away Small stones.

The Essence of Knowledge is, Having it, to Use it.

Be not Ashamed of Mistakes and thus make them Crimes.

The Superior man is Modest in his Speech but Exceeds in his Actions.

Think of Tomorrow, the Past can’t be Mended.

Respect yourself and Others will Respect you.

He who Knows all the Answers, has Not been Asked all the Questions.

The Superior man Thinks always of Virtue, the Common man Thinks of Comfort.

Learning without Thought is Labor Lost, Thought without Learning is Perilous.

If you make a Mistake and Do not Correct it, this is called a Mistake.

Do not Impose on Others, What you Yourself do not Desire.

Our Greatest Glory is not in never Falling but in Rising every time we Fall.

To See the Right and Not to do it is Cowardice.

When Anger Rises, Think of the Consequences.

When you have Faults, Do not Fear to Abandon them.

It Does not matter how Slowly you go, as Long as you do not Stop.

He who Speaks without Modesty, Will find it Difficult to make his Words good.

What you Do not want done to Yourself, Do not do to Others.

To See and Listen to the Wicked is already the Beginning of Wickedness.

Wherever you Go, Go with all your Heart.

Everything has Beauty but Not everyone Sees it.

We should feel Sorrow but Not sink under its Oppression.

Imagination is more Important than Knowledge.

Before you Embark on a Journey of Revenge, Dig two graves.

Real knowledge is to know the Extent of one’s Ignorance.

He who Flatters a Man is his Enemy. He who tells him of his Faults is his Maker.

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