31 Short Quotes on Different Aspects of Life by Ralph Emerson

31 Short Quotes on Different Aspects of Life by Ralph EmersonWe are by Nature observers and thereby Learners. That is our Permanent state.

If we Encounter a man of Rare Intellect, We should ask him what Books he Reads.

Nature and Books belong to the Eyes that See them.

Some books Leave us Free and some Books make us Free.

The Secret in Education lies in Respecting the Student.

Beauty without Grace is the Hook without the Bait.

Beauty without Expression is Boring.

People destined to Meet will do so, Apparently by Chance, at precisely the Right moment.

The World makes Way for the man who Knows where He is Going.

A Man’s years should not be Counted until he has Something else to Count.

The Best effect of Fine persons is Felt after we have Left their Presence.

Life is Not so Short but that there is Always time Enough for Courtesy.

Your Goodness must have some Edge to it, Else it is None.

The Greatest homage we can Pay to Truth is, to Use it.

What is True Anywhere is True Everywhere.

Religion is to do Right. It is to Love, it is to Serve, it is to Think, it is to be Humble.

God offers to Every mind its Choice between Truth and Repose.

The Invariable mark of Wisdom is to see the Miraculous in the Common.

Beware what you Set your Heart upon. For it surely shall be Yours.

Love is a Perfume you cannot Pour onto others without Getting a few drops on Yourself.

The Mind, once stretched by a New Idea, Never returns to its Original Dimensions.

It is Easy to Live for Others, Everybody does. I call on you to Live for Yourself.

Envy is Ignorance, Imitation is Suicide.

Sorrow looks Back, Worry looks Around, Faith looks Up.

A Foolish Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Little Minds.

Fear defeats More people than any other One thing in the World.

Shallow men believe in Luck or in Circumstance. Strong men believe in Cause and Effect.

Peace cannot be Achieved through Violence, it can only be Attained through Understanding.

People do not seem to Realize that their Opinion of the World is also a Confession of their Character.

Character is Higher than Intellect. A Great Soul will be Strong to Live, as well as Strong to Think.

Happy will the House be in which the Relationships are formed from Character.

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