30 Ernest Hemingway Quotes

30 Ernest Hemingway Quotes about Life Writing n LoveA Nobel Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner, Ernest Hemingway was one of the highly acclaimed American Author who had a strong Influence on 20th Century Fiction. He published seven novels, six short story collections and two non-fiction works, his books are considered Classics in American literature.



The Best way to Find out if you can Trust somebody is to Trust them.

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.

The Best people possess a Feeling for Beauty, the Courage to take Risks, the Discipline to tell the Truth, the Capacity for Sacrifice. Ironically, their Virtues make them Vulnerable, They are often Wounded, sometimes Destroyed.

Every Man’s life ends the Same way. It is only the Details of how he lived and how he Died that Distinguish one man from another.

No, that is the Great Fallacy: the Wisdom of Old men. They do not grow Wise. They grow Careful.

The First and Final thing you have to do in this World is to Last it and not be Smashed by it.

There is Nothing noble in being Superior to your Fellow man. True nobility is being Superior to your Former self.

Worry a little bit Every day and in a Lifetime you will Lose a couple of years. If something is Wrong, Fix it if you can. But Train yourself Not to Worry: Worry never Fixes anything.

Now is No time to Think of what you Do not have. Think of What you can do with What there is.

There is No Friend as Loyal as a Book.

Courage is Grace under Pressure.

Never think that War, No matter how Necessary, Nor how Justified, is not a Crime.

Life isn’t Hard to Manage when you have Nothing to Lose.

Live the Full life of the Mind, Exhilarated by new Ideas, Intoxicated by the Romance of the Unusual.

We are all Apprentices in a Craft where No one ever becomes a Master.

The Thing is to become a Master and in your Old age to acquire the Courage to do what Children did when they knew Nothing.

Everyone behaves Badly – Given the Chance.



There is Nothing to Writing. All you do is sit down at a Typewriter and Bleed.

As a Writer, you should not Judge, you should Understand.

Write Hard and Clear about what Hurts.

When Writing a Novel a writer should Create living people, People not Characters. A Character is a Caricature.

In order to Write about Life, First you must Live it.

The Hard part about Writing a Novel is Finishing it.

There is No Rule on how to Write. Sometimes it comes Easily and Perfectly, Sometimes it’s like Drilling rock and then Blasting it out with Charges.

If a Writer stops Observing he is Finished. Experience is Communicated by Small details intimately Observed.

A Writer should write What he has to Say and Not Speak it.



The Most Painful thing is Losing yourself in the process of Loving someone too much and Forgetting that you are Special too.

Never go on Trips with Anyone you do not Love.

If Two people Love each other there can be No Happy end to it.

No one you Love is ever Truly Lost.

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