Muhammad Ali Best Quotes

29 Muhammad Ali Best Quotes to Motivate You for Success in LifeDon’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count.

It’s not Bragging, if you can Back it up.

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee.

What you are Thinking, is What you are Becoming.

Silence is Golden when you can’t Think of a Good answer.

A Man who has No Imagination, has No Wings.

Wisdom is Knowing, When you Can’t be Wise.

The Will must be Stronger than the Skill.

Impossible is Temporary. Impossible is Nothing.

The Only thing that Matters is, Submitting to the Will of God.

No one Starts out at the Top. You have to Work your Way up.

You Don’t Lose if you get Knocked down, You Lose if you Stay down.

Service to Others is, the Rent you Pay for your Room here on Earth.

True Success is Reaching our Potential without Compromising our Values.

He who is not Courageous enough to take Risks, will Accomplish Nothing in Life.

Live everyday as if it were your Last because Someday you are going to be Right.

Age is whatever you Think it is. You are as Old as you think you Are.

To be a Great Champion you must Believe you are the Best. If Not pretend You are.

It isn’t the Mountains ahead to Climb that Wear you out, It’s the Pebble in your Shoe.

To be Able to Give away riches is Mandatory if you Wish to Possess them. This is the only Way that you will be Truly Rich.

Champions are made from Something they have Deep Inside them: a Desire, a Dream, a Vision.

You Don’t really Lose when you Fight for what you Believe in. You Lose when you Fail to Fight for what you Care about.

The Time you spend Hating on someone, Robs you of your own Time. You are Literally Hating on Yourself and you Don’t even Realize it.

When we Devote all of our Actions to a Spiritual Goal, Everything that we do Becomes a Prayer.

We Spend more time Learning how to make a Living than, We do Learning to make a Life.

Friendship is a Priceless Gift that cannot be Bought nor Sold but it’s Value is far Greater than a Mountain made of Gold.

Only a Man who knows What it is like to be Defeated can reach down to the Bottom of his Soul and come up with the Extra ounce of Power it takes to Win when the Match is even.

It’s the Repetition of Affirmations that Leads to Belief and once that Belief becomes a Deep conviction, Things begin to Happen.

A Man who Views the World the same at 50 as he did at 20 has Wasted 30 years of his Life.

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