29 Motivational Quotes by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

29 Motivational Quotes by Dr. A P J Abdul KalamYou have to Dream before the Dream comes True.

Great dreams of Great dreamers are always Transcended.

We Should not Give up and We should not Allow the problem to Defeat us.

Thinking is the Capital, an Enterprise is a Way and Hard work is the Solution.

Dream transform into Thoughts and Thoughts result in Action.

The Essence of a Happy life and a Peaceful society lies in One sentence – What can I Give?

Confidence and Hard work is the Best medicine to Kill the disease called Failure.

Climbing to the Top demands Strength, Whether it is to the Top of Mount Everest or to the Top of your Career.

We have No Ability to be Equal to all have Opportunities Equal to their Ability lane.

Success is when your Signature turns into your Autograph.

Excellence is a Continuous process and Not an Accident.

Knowledge with Action converts Adversity into Prosperity.

It is very Easy To Defeat someone but it is very Hard To Win someone.

Your Best Teacher is your Last Mistake.

If You want to Shine like a Sun, First burn like a Sun.

Every Pain gives a Lesson and Every lesson changes a Person.

Life and Time are the World’s Best Teachers. Life teaches us to make Good use of Time and Time teaches us the Value of Life.

To Succeed in your Mission, You must have Single-minded devotion to your Goal.

Learning gives Creativity, Creativity leads to Thinking, Thinking provides Knowledge, Knowledge makes you Great.

There are Two types of People: the Young and the Experienced.

There is no such thing as a Negative Experience.

If Four things are Followed – having a Great aim, Acquiring knowledge, Hard work and Perseverance – then anything can be Achieved.

Unless one has tasted the Bitter pill of Failure, One cannot aspire enough for Success.

Don’t take Rest after your First victory because if you Fail in second, more lips are Waiting to say that your First Victory was just Luck.

The Dream is not that Which you see while Sleeping, It is Something that Does not let you Sleep.

You were Born with Wings. Don’t Crawl. Learn to use them to Fly and fly.

All Birds find shelter during the Rain. But Eagle avoids Rain by flying above the Clouds.

You Cannot change your Future but You can change your Habits and surely your Habits will change your Future.

One Best book is equal to a Hundred good friends but one Good friend is equal to a Library.

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