28 Inspirational Quotes about Life by Sadhguru

29 Inspirational Quotes about Life by SadhguruLearning is not about Earning but a way of Flowering.

When you are All-inclusive, your Experience of your Existence becomes Beautiful and that is why you are Joyful.

Without Experiencing the Joy of life, you cannot seek the Source of life.

Love is not something that you Do. Love is something that you Are.

If you do not do What you cannot do, that’s No Problem but if you do not What you can do, you are a Tragedy.

Love and hate are Two sides of the Same coin. Any moment, it can Flip the other way. One can become the Other.

May your Life happens out of your own Clarity and Ability, Not by chance or out of the Compassion and Kindness or others.

Passion is Focused on One thing – Therefore it Burns out at some point. Compassion includes Everything – It has so much fuel to burn that it Does not Die out.

Do not do what you Like, Do what the world Needs. Doing what you like is not Freedom. Likes and dislikes are Compulsive.

What your Consciousness is intensely Focused on is what will Manifest in your Life and in the World around you.

If we are in Tune with the Fundamental laws of nature, we will Enjoy the Process of life. Otherwise, Suffering is inevitable.

Awareness is life. Life is awareness. There is No other way to be.

If all your Energies are focused in One direction, Enlightenment is Not far away. After all, what you are Seeking is already within you.

If you Face situations that you do not know how to Deal with, There are many Possibilities. That’s when you can really Explore life.

You don’t have to do Anything, You don’t have to think Anything, You don’t have to feel anything to be Complete. You are complete by Yourself.

Wherever you may be, Whatever you may be, if you are Willing to Strive, you can Evolve yourself beyond the Limitations of nature.

Neither health nor joy can be Created from Outside. There may be External stimuli but Essentially both come from Within.

The very way you breathe, sit, stand, eat, walk, work – Everything can become Yoga. You can use any Process of life to Transcend your limitations.

The Mind is Madness. Only when you go beyond the Mind, will there be Meditation.

Peace cannot be Enforced from Outside. It is a Consequence of how we are within Ourselves.

The most Beautiful moments in Life are moments when you are Expressing your joy, not when you are Seeking it.

If you Choose, you can be Joyful every Moment of your Life. It’s time you made your Choice.

Frustration, Discouragement and Depression mean that you are Working against yourself.

When you Absolutely throw yourself into your Activity, your Energy will only Grow.

The Contradiction within a human being is Simply because he is trying to Mentally figure out things that he has not Experienced.


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