28 Short Quotes by Charles Dickens

28 Short Quotes by Charles Dickens Victorian Era AuthorCharles Dickens is often regarded as the Greatest Author of the Victorian Era. He brought to Life some of the most Memorable stories and Fictional characters in History, All inspired by his Real-life Experiences.

Dickens penned such acclaimed works as – Oliver Twist; A Christmas Carol; David Copperfield; Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities to name, Just a few that have Gone on to become Classics in English literature.


We need Never be Ashamed of our Tears.

Ask no Questions and You will be told No Lies.

The Pain of Parting is Nothing to the Joy of Meeting again.

There is a Wisdom of the Head and There is a Wisdom of the Heart.

Take nothing on its Looks, Take everything on Evidence. There is No Better Rule.

No one is Useless in this world, Who lightens the Burdens of Another.

Never close your Lips to those, Whom you have already Opened your Heart.

There is Nothing in the World so irresistibly Contagious as Laughter and Good humor.

There is Prodigious Strength in Sorrow and Despair.

A Day wasted on Others is not Wasted on One’s Self.

Procrastination is the Thief of Time, Collar him.

Life is made of so many Partings Welded together.

Vengeance and Retribution require a Long time, It is the Rule.

We Forge the Chains, We Wear in Life.

Change Begets change. Nothing propagates so Fast.

From the Death of each day’s Hope, Another Hope sprung up to Live tomorrow.

One always Begins to Forgive a place as soon as It’s Left behind.

A Word in Earnest is as good as a Speech.

There are Dark shadows on the Earth but Its Lights are Stronger in the contrast.

It is a Melancholy Truth that even Great men have their Poor relations.

In the Majority of Cases, Conscience is an Elastic and very Flexible article.

There is a Man who would give his Life to keep a Life you Love, beside you.

There can be No Disparity in Marriage like Unsuitability of Mind and Purpose.

It’s in Vain to recall the Past, Unless it works some Influence upon the Present.

Death may Beget Life but Oppression can beget Nothing other than itself.

Happiness is a Gift and the Trick is not to Expect it but to Delight in it when it comes.

No Space of Regret can make Amends for one Life’s opportunity Misused.

There are Books of which the Backs and Covers are by far the Best parts.

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