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28 Quotes by Confucius - Learning abt Different Aspects of LifeWhen you see a Good person, Think of Becoming like her/him. When you see Someone Not so good, Reflect on your own Weak points.

No matter how Busy you make think you are, You must find Time for Reading or Surrender yourself to self-chosen Ignorance.

Learn avidly. Question it Repeatedly. Analyze it carefully. Then put what you have Learned into Practice intelligently.

Success depends upon Previous preparation and without such Preparation there is sure to be Failure.

He who acts with a Constant view to his Own advantage will be much Murmured against.

When we see Persons of Worth, We should think of Equaling them. When we see persons of a Contrary character, We should turn Inwards and Examine ourselves.

Wisdom, Compassion and Courage are the three universally recognized Moral Qualities of men.

Death and Life have their Determined appointments, Riches and honors depend upon Heaven.

The more man Meditates upon Good thoughts, the Better will be his World and the World at large.

It is Easy to Hate and it is Difficult to Love. This is how the whole Scheme of things Works. All Good things are Difficult to Achieve and Bad things are very Easy to get.

In a Country well-governed, Poverty is something to be Ashamed of. In a Country Badly governed, Wealth is something to be Ashamed of.

The Perfecting of One’s self is the fundamental base of all Progress and all Moral development.

If I am Walking with two other men, Each of them will Serve as my Teacher. I will Pick out the Good points of the one and Imitate them and the Bad points of the other and Correct them in myself.

Things that are Done, It is needless to Speak about. Things that are Past, It is Needless to Blame.

The People may be made to Follow a path of Action but they may Not be made to Understand it.

The Essence of Knowledge is, having it, to Apply it, not having it, to Confess your Ignorance.

When we see men of a Contrary character, We should turn Inwards and Examine ourselves.

Without an Acquaintance with the Rules of Propriety, It is Impossible for the Character to be Established.

We take Greater pains to Persuade others that we are Happy than in Endeavoring to think so Ourselves.

To put the World in Order, we must first put the Nation in order; To put the Nation in order, we must put the Family in order; To put the Family in order, we must Cultivate our Personal life and to Cultivate our Personal life, we must first set our Hearts right.

To be able to Practice Five things everywhere under Heaven constitutes Perfect virtue. They are Gravity, Generosity of soul, Sincerity, Earnestness and Kindness.

The Father who does not Teach his Son his Duties is equally Guilty with the son who Neglects them.

Do not worry about holding High position, Worry rather about Playing your Proper role.

A Man who has Committed a Mistake and doesn’t Correct it is Committing another mistake.

Acquire new Knowledge whilst Thinking over the old and you may become a Teacher of others.

Fix your Mind on Truth, hold Firm to virtue, rely on Loving Kindness and find your Recreation in the Arts.

Knowledge is merely Brilliance in Organization of ideas and not Wisdom. The truly Wise person goes beyond Knowledge.

The Will to win, the Desire to succeed, the Urge to reach your full potential, These are the Keys that will Unlock the door to Personal excellence.

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