26 Short Motivational Quotes by Helen Keller

26 Short Motivational Quotes by Helen KellerHelen Keller was born Deaf and Blind but powered her way through life to become an Impactful Speaker, Author and Activist. Recognized by President Johnson for her work with the Women’s Suffrage Movement.


We are Never really Happy until we try to Brighten the Lives of others.

One can never Consent to creep, When one feels an Impulse to soar.

Great poetry needs No interpreter other than a Responsive heart.

The most Beautiful world is always Entered through Imagination.

The most Pathetic person in the World is someone who has Sight but No vision.

We could never Learn to be Brave and Patient if there were only Joy in the world.

Life is either a Daring adventure or Nothing at all.

Alone we can do so Little, Together we can do So much.

Although the world is Full of Suffering, It is full also of the Overcoming of it.

We can do Anything we want as long as we Stick to it long Enough.

The Human being is born with an Incurable capacity for making the Best of things.

Faith is the Strength by which a Shattered world shall Emerge into light.

Optimism is the Faith that leads to Achievement, Nothing can be done without Hope.

Life is a Succession of Lessons which must be lived to be Understood.

Happiness is the Final and perfect fruit of Obedience to the Laws of life.

It all comes to this: the Simplest way to be Happy is to do Good.

You cannot touch Love but you can Feel the Sweetness it pours into Everything.

One Painful duty fulfilled makes the next Plainer and Easier.

Your Success and Happiness lie in You.

So long as you can Sweeten Another’s Pain, Life is not in Vain.

No one has a Right to consume Happiness without Producing it.

Life is an Exciting business and Most exciting when it is Lived for others.

The Welfare of each is Bound up in the Welfare of all.

Believe, When you are most Unhappy, that there is Something for you to Do in the World.

If you can Dream it, you can Do it.



A Happy life consists Not in the Absence but in the Mastery of Hardships.

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  1. The giving story of zen master who went to a house and ask for alms giving then the girl replied we don’t have anything.The zen master told to bring even mud from house or backyard….the moral lesson has encouraged to give always…


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