26 Quotes by Oscar Wilde about Love, Artist

26 Quotes by Oscar Wilde about Love, ArtistNever Love anyone who Treats you like you are Ordinary.

The very Essence of Romance is Uncertainty.

The Mystery of Love is greater than the Mystery of Death.

Keep love in your Heart. A Life without it is like a Sunless garden when the Flowers are Dead.

A Poet can Survive everything but a Misprint.

The Books that the World calls Immoral are books that show the World its own Shame.

Friendship is far more Tragic than Love. It lasts Longer.

Anybody can Sympathize with the Sufferings of a Friend but it requires a very fine Nature to sympathize with a Friend’s Success.

The Moment you think you understand a Great work of Art, It’s Dead for you.

Every portrait that is Painted with feeling is a Portrait of the Artist, not of the Sitter.

Paradoxically though it may seem, It is none the Less true that Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.

No great Artist ever sees things as they Really are. If he did, He would Cease to be an Artist.

Art is the most Intense mode of Individualism that the World has known.

A Work of Art is the unique Result of a unique Temperament.

All Women become like their Mothers. That is their Tragedy. No Man does and that is His.

A Man’s face is his Autobiography. A Woman’s face is her work of Fiction.

The Public is wonderfully Tolerant. It Forgives everything except Genius.

Between men and women there is No Friendship possible. There is Passion, Enmity, Worship, Love but no friendship.

Men always want to be a Woman’s first Love – Women like to be a Man’s last Romance.

The one Charm about Marriage is that it makes a Life of Deception absolutely necessary for both Parties.

Education is an Admirable thing but it is well to Remember from time to time that Nothing that is Worth knowing can be Taught.

The Advantage of the Emotions is that they lead us Astray.

Society exists only as a Mental concept, In the Real world there are only Individuals.

The true Mystery of the World is the Visible, not the Invisible.

The Public have an Insatiable curiosity to know Everything, except what is Worth knowing.


Women are meant to be Loved - Oscar Wilde Quotes

Women are meant to be Loved, Not to be Understood.

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