25 Famous Stephen Hawking Quotes

World Renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking Famous QuotesBest selling Author, Award winning Physicist and beloved Star Trek guest star Stephen Hawking was the First to set out a Theory of Cosmology explained by a Union of the General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.


Quiet people have the Loudest Minds.

Intelligence is the Ability to Adapt to Change.

Life would be Tragic, If it weren’t Funny.

There is No unique Picture of Reality.

The Thing about Smart people is that They seem like Crazy people.

People won’t have Time for you if You are always Angry or Complaining.

The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is not Ignorance, It is the illusion of Knowledge.

Science is not only a Disciple of Reason but also one of Romance and Passion.

When one’s expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have.

There should be No Boundaries in Human Endeavor.

Work gives you Meaning and Purpose, Life is Empty without it.

We should Seek the Greatest value of our Action.

We are in Danger of Destroying ourselves by our Greed and Stupidity.

God is the Name people give to the Reason we are Here.

However Difficult Life may seem, There is always Something you can Do and Succeed at.

The Past, like the Future, is Indefinite and Exists only as a Spectrum of Possibilities.

The Universe is not Indifferent to our Existence – It Depends on it.

Next time someone Complains that You have made a Mistake, Tell him that may be a Good thing. Because without Imperfection, Neither you nor I would Exist.

You cannot Understand the Glories of the Universe without Believing there is some Supreme Power behind It.

There is a Fundamental difference between Religion, which is based on Authority, Science, which is based on Observation and Reason. Science will Win, because it Works.

So Remember to Look up at the Stars and not down at your Feet. Try to make Sense of what you See and Hold on to that Childlike wonder about What makes the Universe Exist.

If You are Disabled, It is probably Not your Fault but it is No Good Blaming the world or Expecting it to take Pity on you.

One has to have a Positive Attitude and must make the Best of the Situation that One finds Oneself in, If one is Physically disabled, One cannot Afford to be Psychologically disabled as well.

No one undertakes Research in Physics with the Intention of Winning a prize. It is the Joy of Discovering something No one knew before.

Although I cannot Move and I have to Speak through a Computer, in my Mind I am Free.

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