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25 Buddha Wisdom Short Quotes - Motivational Quotes by BuddhaThe Root of Suffering is Attachment.

Pain is Certain, Suffering is Optional.

I Never see What has been Done, I only see What remains to be Done.

Peace comes from Within. Do not seek it Without.

True Love is Born from Understanding.

If you Truly Loved yourself, You could Never Hurt another.

If your Compassion does not include Yourself, It is Incomplete.

If you Propose to Speak always ask Yourself, is it True, is it Necessary, is it Kind.

Your Work is to Discover your World and then with all your Heart give Yourself to it.

Happiness comes when your Work and Words are of Benefit to Yourself and Others.

It is in the Nature of things that Joy Arises in a Person free from Remorse.

Live every act Fully, as if It were your Last.

The Mind is Everything. What you Think you Become.

All that We are is the Result of what We have Thought.

One who Acts on Truth is Happy in this World and beyond.

Give, Even if you only Have a Little.

Ambition is like Love, Impatient both of Delays and Rivals.

If you Find No one to Support you on the Spiritual path, Walk alone.

Delight in Meditation and Solitude. Compose yourself, Be happy. You are a Seeker.

Chaos is Inherent in all Compounded things. Strive on with Diligence.

Even Death is not to be Feared by one who has Lived Wisely.

Whatever has the Nature of Arising has the Nature of Ceasing.

Better than a Thousand Hollow words, is one Word that brings Peace.

Three things cannot be Long Hidden: the Sun, the Moon and the Truth.

People with Opinions just Go around Bothering one Another.

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