24 Motivational Quotes by Barack Obama

24 Motivational n Life Quotes by Barack ObamaBe Conscious of God and Speak always the Truth.

Don’t let your Failures Define you.

We are the Ones we have been Waiting for.

You can’t Let your Failures define you – You have to Let them Teach you. You have to Let them Show you what to do Differently next time.

A Change is brought about Because Ordinary people do Extraordinary things.

It’s important to Make sure that we are Talking with each other in a way that Heals, Not in a way that Wounds.

Our Stories may be Singular but our Destination is Shared.

While we Breathe, We will Hope.

Where you are Right now doesn’t have to Determine where you will End up.

Change is never Easy but always Possible.

We may not be Able to Stop Evil in the world but How we Treat one another is Entirely up to us.

Cynicism is a Sorry kind of Wisdom.

It’s only when you Hitch your wagon to Something Larger than Yourself that you Realize your True potential.

There is No excuse for not Trying.

Each of us Deserves the Freedom to Pursue our own Version of Happiness. No one deserves to be Bullied.

Each path to Knowledge involves Different rules and These rules are not Interchangeable.

At the Moment that we Persuade a child, any child, to Cross that threshold, that Magic threshold into a Library, we Change their lives Forever, for the Better

What makes a Man is not the Ability to have a Child but having the Courage to Raise one.

You have the Ability and Gifts to do whatever you Want.

Reading is Important. If you know how to Read then the Whole world opens up to You.

Scientists and Engineers ought to Stand side by side with Athletes and Entertainers as Role models.

Religious freedom doesn’t mean you can Force others to live by your own Beliefs.

Change will not Come if we wait for Some other person or Some other time. We are the Ones we have been Waiting for. We are the Change that we Seek.

If you are Walking down the Right path and you are Willing to keep on Walking, eventually You will make Progress.

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