24 Bill Gates Quotes to Motivate

24 Bill Gates Quotes - Customer Philanthropy Life n Motivational QuotesBorn on October 28, 1955, Bill Gates is considered as one of the most Influential People today. A Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, One of the two people that Founded and Built Microsoft, the World’s biggest Software Business.



Don’t Compare yourself with Anyone in this World, If you do so, you are Insulting Yourself.

If you were Born Poor it’s not your Mistake but If you Die poor It’s your Mistake.

Don’t make the same Decision Twice. Spend Time and Thought to make a Solid decision the first time so that you don’t Revisit the Issue Unnecessarily.

We always Overestimate the Change that will Occur in the next two years and Underestimate the Change that will occur in the Next ten. Don’t let Yourself be lulled into Inaction.

We all need People who will give us Feedback. That’s How we Improve.



It’s fine to Celebrate Success but it is more important to Heed the Lessons of Failure.

To win Big, you Sometimes need to take big Risks.

Success is a Lousy Teacher. It Seduces Smart people into Thinking they can’t Lose.

Patience is a key element of Success.

Our Success has really been based on Partnerships from the Beginning.



Customers want High Quality at low Prices and They want it Now.

Your most Unhappy Customers are your Greatest Source of Learning.

Who Decides what’s in Windows? The Customers who Buy it.



If you think your Teacher is Tough, Wait until you get a Boss.

The Best teacher is very Interactive.



Effective Philanthropy requires a lot of Time and Creativity – the same kind of Focus and Skills that building a Business Requires.

The Most amazing Philanthropists are People who are Actually making a Significant Sacrifice.



The World won’t Care about your Self-esteem. The World will Expect you to accomplish something Before you Feel good about Yourself.

Intellectual Property has the Shelf life of a Banana.

We start Life with many Big dreams – Things we want to Accomplish, Create, Build and Experience. But if you ask anyone Past the age of 40 What happened to all the Dreams they had, They will most likely answer.. Life.

Life has a Tendency to just Happen but it happens because We make Choices. The Life you Create and Design for Yourself is going to Accumulate from the Choices you make over Time. Sure, there are Unexpected things that can Derail Dreams but we can Control where we put our Focus.

People always Fear Change. People Feared Electricity when it was Invented.

Life is not divided into semesters. You don’t get Summers off and very few Employers are Interested in Helping you. Find yourself.

If you Show people the Problems and you show People the Solutions, They will be Moved to Act.

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