23 Surprising and Weird Cosmetic Facts

23 Surprising and Weird Cosmetic Facts‘Dermatologist tested’ does not mean ‘Dermatologist approved’.

‘Hypoallergenic’ means that the Manufacturer feels the product is Less likely to cause an Allergic reaction.

When the term ‘Natural ingredients’ is used, It means they are Extracted directly from Plants or Animal products.

Microbeads, widely used in Cosmetics as exfoliating agents, are made of Plastic and can stay in the Environment for up to 50 years after they pass through Water treatment plants.

China harvests collagen from the Skin of executed Prisoners and sells it as Cosmetics to the West.

Face creams have been made from Everything from caviar to snail Slime but a recent trend advertises a Cream made from Meteorites.

A Thai beauty treatment includes a Slap in the Face as a way to combat Wrinkles.

More than Half of today’s Cosmetic products contain Chemicals that can act like Estrogen and Disrupt hormones in the body.

Wool bearing Animals have Lanolin in their fur which is used to make lotions, removers and lipsticks.This helps to Reduce cracks and roughness, making the Skin smooth and supple.

Fish scales are a common ingredient in Shampoos and Nail polishes. They contain a substance known as Crystalized Guanine that helps to give a Shimmery look to these products.

Mutton gives us a kind of Processed fat which is known as Tallow. It is used in a variety of Skin care products because of its Soothing and Hydrating properties.

Crushed cochineal Beetles are still used as a Red-coloring agent in lipstick.

Whale vomit or whale poo is often found in Fancy perfumes because it helps other Fragrances last longer.

Cosmetic companies used Shark liver oil because it doesn’t leave a Greasy residue and it combines well with other oils. Recently, Companies have started using Alternative sources, such as wheat germ oil.

Nestle owns a quarter of the World’s largest cosmetic company – L’Oreal.

Nightingale feces is used in Geisha facials. It is applied wet and allowed to dry. It’s supposed to Diminish wrinkles and said to be a great Exfoliator.

Acne and Burn patients in the U.K. may be treated with ‘Vavelta’, a clear liquid that contains Skin cells that rejuvenate and revitalize Damaged skin from the inside out. These skin cells called Fibroblasts, are isolated from foreskins donated by Mothers of circumcised baby boys.

The Most common injury caused by Makeup is scratching the eye with a Mascara wand.

The Global beauty industry is Growing at up to 7% a year. It consists of Skin care ($24 billion), Makeup ($18 billion), Hair care ($38 billion) and Perfume ($15 billion).

Beauty firms spend just 2%–3% of their sales on Research and Development, compared with 15% by pharmaceutical companies. Beauty firms spend 20%–25% on advertising and promotion.

China has Mandatory animal testing for all International cosmetic brands.

India banned Cosmetic animal testing and Import of all cosmetic products which have been Tested on animals.

Men in South Korea spend more on Skincare products than Men from anywhere around the world.

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