23 Self-Awareness Motivational Quotes by Sadhguru

23 Self-Awareness Motivational Quotes by SadhguruJaggi Vasudev, is Popularly known by Sadhguru. He is a Master of Spiritualism, Author, Good Speaker and always ready to help the Human society. He is also a Founder of ‘The Isha Foundation’ and known for his Wisdom, Orator, Yoga and Self-realization.


How deeply you Touch another Life, is how Rich your Life is.

Life is a Process, not a Problem. The Question is only, have you Prepared yourself for the Process or not.

If you are very Happy, You will do Many more things than if you are Unhappy.

If You do what you Like with 100% involvement, What you don’t like, You must do with 200% involvement. That’s Breaking limitations.

If you use your Mind as a Memory bank, the Past will repeat itself in Cycles. If your Mind becomes Pure attention, You will know Everything that is worth Knowing.

It Does not take much for a Human being to Live well. Only when you are trying to Imitate someone else, It takes a lot.

It is not the Amount of Action but the Depth of Experience that makes Life Rich and fulfilling.

External circumstances can only cause you Physical pain. Suffering is created in your Mind.

Do not settle for a Limited experience of Life. Where there is a Limitation, There is a possibility of Breaking it.

Life is just a certain Amount of Time and energy. Putting this Time and energy to Maximum use for Everyone’s well being is all that Matters.

If you want to know whether you are Moving forward in Life, Just see if you are a little more Joyful today than you were Yesterday.

Every Moment of your Life, you Perform an Action – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Energy-wise. Each action creates a certain Memory – That is Karma.

Frustration, Discouragement and Depression mean that you are Working against Yourself.

The Nature of Life is such that if you Allow it to flow, Life is a Beautiful experience. If you Hold back, it becomes Misery.

Only when you are Absolutely devoted to What you do, you can Produce something Significant in the World.

If you want your Body and Brain to work well, the First thing is to become Joyful by your own Nature.

When your Happiness is dependent upon What is happening outside of you, Constantly you live as a Slave to the External situation.

When Pain, Misery or Anger happen, it is Time to look within you, Not around you.


Most of your Desires are not - Sadhguru Quotes

Most of your Desires are not really about Yourself. You just Picked them up from your Social surroundings.


Whatever happens to you - Sadhguru Quotes about Perspective

Whatever happens to you, you can Either see it as a Curse and Suffer it or you can See it as a Blessing and make Use of it.


Our Lives become Beautiful - Sadhguru Quotes about Life

Our Lives become Beautiful not because we are Perfect. Our lives become Beautiful because we put our Heart into Whatever we do.


Once you are Clear about - Sadhguru Motivational Quotes

Once you are Clear about What you are doing and why, Other people’s Opinions will not matter.


Putting the well-being of Others - Sadhguru Quotes abt Helping

Putting the well-being of Others above your own Creates a different kind of Strength, a Strength that will carry you through Life and Beyond.

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