23 Motivational Quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson

23 Motivational Quotes by Ralph Waldo EmersonRalph Waldo Emerson was an American Essayist, Lecturer, Philosopher and Poet who led the Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century. His first Two collections of Essays are “Essays: First Series” and “Essays: Second Series” represent the Core of his Thinking.


Do not go where the Path may Lead, go instead where there is No Path and Leave a Trail.

Our Greatest Glory is not in Never Failing but in Rising up Every time we Fail.

The only Person you are Destined to become is, the Person you Decide to be.

Once you make a Decision, the Universe Conspires to make it Happen.

Dare to live the Life you have Dreamed for Yourself. Go Forward and make your Dreams come True.

Unless you Try to do something Beyond what you have already Mastered, You will Never Grow.

You Become what you Think about, all day Long.

To be Yourself in a World that is Constantly trying to make you Something else is the Greatest Accomplishment.

Self Trust is the First Secret of Success.

We must be our Own before we can be Another’s.

Make the Most of Yourself for that is All There is of You.

Before we Acquire Great Power we must Acquire Wisdom to Use it well.

What I Must do is all that Concerns me, Not What the People Think.

One of the Most beautiful Compensations in Life is that No person can help Another without Helping Themselves.

What your Heart thinks is Great, is Great. The Soul’s Emphasis is always Right.

Happiness is a Perfume you cannot Pour on Others without getting some on Yourself.

Don’t be Pushed by your Problems. Be Led by your Dreams.

He who is not Everyday Conquering some Fear has not Learned, the Secret of Life.

What we Fear doing most is Usually what we most Need to Do.

Men Succeed when they Realize that their Failures are the Preparation for their Victories.

Nothing can bring you Peace but Yourself. Nothing can bring you Peace but the Triumph of Principles.

Always do what you are Afraid to Do.

Nothing External to you has any Power Over you.

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