22 Interesting Fun Facts about Exercising

22 Interesting Fun Facts about Exercising to Motivate YouPeople who don’t Regularly Exercise may lose up to 80% of their Muscle Strength by age 65.

During Physical activity, you Breathe more to Keep Oxygen levels in your Blood at appropriate levels.

People who Cross-train are Less prone to Injury than People who do the Same type of Exercise regularly.

Fat and Muscle are completely Different types of Tissue. Muscle cannot turn into Fat.

You can Improve your Mental health and Mood with an Exercise routine.

So you if can’t Force yourself to Exercise before Work, Don’t Sweat it. Anytime is a Good time to Exercise.

Optimal fitness requires a Balanced Exercise Routine that incorporates Aerobic, Strength training and Flexibility exercises.

Scheduling in Rest days gives your Body the time, It needs to Recover and Improve.

Being Fit is good for your Heart because it Strengthens the Muscles needed to make your Heart and Cardiovascular system function.

Swimming is a Great form of Exercise because it incorporates both Cardio and Strength training.

Walking at a Brisk pace can Burn almost as many Calories as Jogging the same distance.

Even 10 minutes of Exercise will help Raise your Heart rate and Maintain Fitness levels.

Although Weight loss should not be the Sole purpose of Exercise, When combined with Diet, It is the Best way to Lose Weight.

Only 10% of people are Successful at Losing Weight through Diet alone.

Your Metabolism stays Elevated even after you are done Exercising, Helping you Burn more calories even at Rest.

Being Dehydrated reduces Exercise Performance.

When you Run, the Pressure on your Feet is equal to about 3-4 times your Body weight.

Exercise can Help with that, as One study showed that 150 minutes of Moderate Exercise per week resulted in a 65% improvement in Sleep Quality.

Lower-body Fatigue significantly Impairs Static balance, which could Potentially be Deadly for certain Occupations that require significant Balance.

Exposure to both Music and Videos containing Motivation primes prior to Exercising can Improve your Psychological state for the subsequent Workout.

A Short 30-minute Workout can provide a Boost to your Mood for the next 12 hours.

Benefits of Aerobic exercise are that it can Increase Life expectancy, Reduce the Risk of developing a Disability as a Senior and increase Strength retention into the Later stages of Life.

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