22 Interesting Facts about Hair

22 Interesting Facts about Hair - Amazing Facts You Didnt Know abt HairHair can grow Just about anywhere on the Body, Except for the Palms of your hands, the Soles of your feet and On your lips and Mucous membranes.

Cutting your Hair does not affect its Growth but it does Help to avoid Split ends, which can Work their way up the Hair shaft and Make the individual Shafts thinner, Giving your hair the Appearance of not Growing.

The only Thing about you that can’t be Identified by your Hair is your Gender – Men’s hair and Women’s hair are Identical in Structure.

Our Hair is constantly Growing and has a Lifespan of around 5 years. 90% of our Hair is Growing at any Given time, while the Other 10% is taking a Break.

When a Hair falls out, it will usually Re-grow. It can do this up to 20 times in a Lifetime.

Next to Bone marrow, Hair is the fastest Growing tissue in the Human body.

Hair grows Slightly faster in Warm weather Because Heat stimulates Circulation and Encourages Hair growth.

Goosebumps from Cold or Fear are the result of Hair follicles Contracting, causing the Hair and Surrounding skin to Bunch up.

Lack of Iron in your body will Lead to Loss of your Hair.

Human facial hair Grows faster than Any other hair on the Body.

Balding only Begins to become Visible once you have Lost over 50 percent of the Hairs from your Scalp.

Hair acts as a Layer of thermally Insulating Protection for our Heads, which lack the Insulation that Fat provides for the Rest of our Bodies.

The Size of a Hair follicle determines the Thickness and Length of Hair.

Humans are Born with all of their Hair follicles and There is No possible way to Increase the number of Follicles you have.

A Whole head of Hair could Support up to 2 tons.

The Only part of the Hair that is not Dead is the Hair that is Inside your Scalp.

Women Lose a lot of Hair after Giving Birth. This is Due to their Hormones Regulating back to Normal.

The Major cause of Dandruff is a Fungus called Malassezia Globosa, which Pushes dead skin cells to the Surface quicker than Normal.

Human hair and Fingernails continue to Grow in Death.

Each strand of Hair can contain Traces of 14 different Elements.

Hair contains Information about Everything that has been in your Bloodstream such as Medicine, Drugs, Minerals, and Vitamins.

Chemotherapy causes the Hair to Fall out because it is intended to Eliminate cells that Replicate quickly. Since Hair follicle cells Grow and Divide quickly, They are adversely Affected.

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