22 Interesting Facts about Dreams

22 Interesting Facts abt Dream - Pschological Mind Blowing Dream FactsLonger Dreams occur in the Morning hours.

Our Most vivid dreams Happen during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, which happens in Short episodes throughout the Night about 90 to 120 minutes apart.

REM sleep is Characterized by Paralysis of the Voluntary muscles. The Phenomenon is known as REM atonia and Prevents you from Acting out your Dreams while you are Asleep.

Many of our Dreams are Strange because the part of the Brain responsible for making Sense of things Shuts down during Dreaming.

Most of our Dreams are Linked to Thoughts or events from the Previous day or two.

You likely only Dream about Faces you have already seen in Person or on TV.

Your Feelings come out in Dreams. You are more likely to have Pleasant dreams if you are Experiencing Low stress and Feel satisfied in your Real life.

Certain Medications, such as Antidepressants and narcotics Increase the Frequency of Nightmares.

Melatonin and other supplements help you to Dream more.

Blind people see Images in their Dreams.

You may be able to Learn to Control your dreams by using Techniques for Lucid Dreaming.

You can Learn to Control your Dreams. Lucid dreaming is when you are Aware that you are Having a Dream.

Dreams can Improve your Performance in seemingly Unrelated areas of your Everyday life.

Our Brains are More active during Sleep than during the Day.

Hypnic Jerks may be the cause of Dreams about Falling, which is one of the Most common Dream themes.

If you are Unsure whether you are Dreaming or not, Try Reading something. The vast majority of people are Incapable of Reading in their dreams.

Dreams are responsible for Many of the Greatest Inventions of mankind. Example AC generator by Tesla, Idea of Google by Larry page.

The Exposure to Light during sleep Interferes with your Sleep cycle, Preventing you from the Long and Deep night’s rest.

Nightmares usually Begin between the ages of 3 and 6 and Decrease after the age of 10.

Night Terrors are Episodes of Intense fear, Screaming and even Running around or Acting aggressive while asleep.

Dreams are more often Negative than Positive. The Three most widely reported Emotions felt during Dreaming are Anger, Sadness and Fear.

Sleepwalking is a very Rare and potentially Dangerous Sleep disorder. It is an Extreme form of REM sleep disorder, and these people don’t just Act out their dreams but go on Real adventures at Night.

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