22 Anne Frank Inspirational Short Quotes

22 Anne Frank Inspirational and Motivational Short QuotesAnne Frank is one of the most Discussed and Famous Victims of the Holocaust. The Jewish teenager Journal-ed her World War II experiences in a Diary that later became One of the most widely Read books in the world.

Anne Frank’s diary is a Record of her understanding of the War and Showcases her incredible Storytelling abilities in such Horrific circumstances.


Think of all the Beauty still left Around you and Be Happy.

No one has ever Become Poor by Giving.

Look at how a Single candle can both Defy and define the Darkness.

Whoever is Happy, will make others Happy.

In the Long run, the Sharpest weapon of all is a Kind and Gentle spirit.

A Quiet Conscience makes One strong.

Those who have Courage and Faith shall never Perish in Misery.

The Weak die out and the Strong will survive and will Live on forever.

Deep down, the Young are Lonelier than the Old.

Laziness may appear Attractive but Work gives Satisfaction.

Crying can bring Relief, as long as you Don’t cry Alone.

An Empty day, though Clear and Bright, Is just as Dark as any night.

What is Done cannot be Undone but one can Prevent it happening again.

Misfortunes never come Singly.

Don’t be too Assuming, It doesn’t get you Anywhere.

One gets on Better in Life, if one is Not over Modest.

People can so Easily be Tempted by Slackness and by Money.

Sympathy, Love, Fortune.. We all have these Qualities but still Tend to not use them.

Human Greatness does not Lie in Wealth or Power but in Character and Goodness.

We all Live with the Objective of being Happy, Our lives are all Different and yet the Same.

You must Work and Do good, not be Lazy and Gamble, if you Wish to Earn Happiness.

Where there is Hope, there is Life. It Fills us with fresh Courage and makes us Strong again.

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