21 Motivational Quotes by Coco Chanel

21 Motivational Quotes by Coco Chanel - Fashion DesingerCoco Chanel was a French fashion designer and a Businesswoman who is Famous for her Timeless designs, Trademark suits and Little black dresses. Her designs emphasized Simplicity and Comfort that transformed the Fashion industry.


The Most Courageous act is still to Think for Yourself. Aloud.

In Order to be Irreplaceable, One must always be Different.

Only those with No memory insist on their Originality.

Nature gives you the Face you have at Twenty. Life shapes the Face you have at Thirty But at Fifty you get the face you Deserve.

Since Everything is in our Heads, We had better not Lose them.

It is always Better to be slightly Under-dressed.

Success is most often Achieved by those Who don’t know that Failure is Inevitable.

Simplicity is the Keynote of all True Elegance.

There goes a Woman who knows all the Things that can be Taught and None of the things that Cannot be Taught.

The Best things in Life are Free. The Second best things are very, very Expensive.

It is Unseen, Unforgettable, Ultimate accessory of Fashion that heralds your Arrival and Prolongs your departure.

Guilt is perhaps the most Painful companion of Death.

Don’t spend Time beating on a Wall, Hoping to Transform it into a Door.

Those who Create are Rare, Those who Cannot are Numerous. Therefore, the Latter are Stronger.

Great Loves too must be Endured.

Material things Aside, We need No advice but Approval.

There is No time for Cut-n-dried monotony. There is Time for Work and Time for Love. That Leaves no Other time.

Jump out the Window if you are the Object of Passion. Flee it if you Feel it. Passion goes, Boredom remains.

Nature gives you the Face you have at Twenty, It is up to you to Merit the Face you have at Fifty.

You Live but Once, You might as well be Amusing.

Adornment, What a Science; Beauty, What a Weapon; Modesty, What Elegance.

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