21 Juicy Amazing Facts about Fruits

21 Juicy Amazing and Interesting Facts about FruitsThe Study of Fruits is called Pomology.

Dried fruits have more Calories than Fresh fruits as the Process of drying Reduces the Water content and Volume.

Eating an Apple is a more Reliable method of Staying awake than Consuming a cup of Coffee as it gives you more Energy. The Natural Sugar in an apple is more Potent than the Caffeine in coffee.

There are so Many kind of Apples, that if you Ate a new one Every day, It would take over 20 years to Try them all.

There is a Tree called ‘Salad Tree’ that Sprouts 3 to 7 different fruits in the Same tree.

The Stalk, Rind or Skin of a Fruit is typically more Nutritious than the Actual fruit.

Mangoes are the most Loved and the Number one fruit in the World.

Avocados trees Secretes an Enzyme that prevent the Fruit from Ever ripening on the tree, Allowing farmers to use the Trees as Storage house for up to Seven months after they reach Full Maturity.

The Jackfruit has been determined to be the Largest tree fruit in the world. The Jackfruit can Weigh as much as 100 pounds.

Synsepalum Dulcificum, also known as ‘Miracle Fruit’, If Consumed makes Sour foods Taste Sweet.

Pollia Condensata or Marble Berry is the World’s Shiniest living thing.

Pineapples are not a Single fruit but a group of Berries that are Fused to the Central Stalk. It’s Ripening can be Speed up by making it stand Upside down.

Strawberries are the only Fruit with Seeds on the Outside. There are 200 seeds in an Average strawberry.

Blackberries and Strawberries are not Berries but Tomatoes and Avocados are.

Grapes and Raisins can result in Kidney failure in Dogs and may be Fatal to other Pets as well.

Drinking Grapefruit juice while taking some Prescription medications can cause Instant Overdose and Death.

The Japanese Yubari Cantaloupe is one of the most Expensive fruit on the Planet. At an auction, Two of these Melons sold for the Sum of $23,500

Coconuts are an Extremely popular Fruit which contains Antioxidants and many Vitamins and Minerals.

Chilies with their Internal, edible seeds are most definitely a Fruit. Along with Tomatoes, Zucchini, Okra and eggplant. They are the most Common fruits eaten like Vegetables.

Chilli Peppers are often used as a Spice but they have the Power to promote wound Healing and Blood clotting. Cayenne pepper helps regulate Blood pressure and Heal injuries.

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